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Study Plan Template: Boost Your Study Habits!

Most people have the tendency to over or underestimate how much time they need in order to study.

This is especially true for those who are engaging in online study, since other commitments that require time and attention such as work, family, or both.

The ability to study online gives you the freedom and flexibility to study anytime and anywhere you want — but making time to study can still be challenging for some.

Having a study plan can greatly help in terms of organising the schedule of your study time, the goals you want to achieve, and more!

Setting up a study plan is a way to ensure that you manage your time wisely and effectively, plus it makes you accountable for the goals you set and keeps you motivated and disciplined.

With all that said, read on and let this blog help you out on creating your own study plan template and improve your study habits!


Having your Study Plan Template: What Do You Need?

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Before you can even whip up a good study plan, it is vital to have a study template.

Have a template that you can print out and fill in the necessary details for your study session for you to easily remember, follow, and implement in your daily routine.

This easily provides you with a sense of direction on how to start your study sessions.

Buy a planner or a calendar so you can easily plot down everything you need for your study.

If you’re a techie and have everything accessed via PC, then you may want to check out study plan templates online rather than jotting them down in a planner.

Check out and pick out cool study templates you can use to formulate a comprehensive study plan that suits you.


Creating Your Study Plan


Once you have sorted out your study plan template, it’s time to figure out ways to stick to it to ensure your study habits to be rock solid!


1. Evaluate Your Time

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Take note of your daily activities and how much time they take up. Have them listed down and assess them as honestly as you can.

You must figure out which of your daily routines take up the most hours from the ones that don’t.

This gives you an overview of how you spend your hours per day — which will ultimately help you figure out and plot the best times for your study sessions.

Once you’re able to assess your daily hours, list them down in your study plan template. Then following your assessment, find the best times to study.

Do note that your study plan template can also be your overall schedule. You can also list down your overall activities for the day, and block out the hours needed for recreation, work, family, and especially, study.

This way, you can easily balance your day-to-day schedule, all listed down in a handy template.


2. Have Realistic Study Sessions

After figuring out your schedule, you now have to work out the best amount of time you need to hold study sessions.

You have to consider how long do you need to absorb ideas and fully grasp them.

Obviously, this will differ from person to person. Some might need a good hour to understand concepts, others may only need 30 minutes. Depending on the load, some may require a full day.

The important thing is, setting a study session that is suitable for you. It should be realistic enough to meet your needs. Don’t go and study for a full day if you don’t really have to, or don’t do a 30-minute study session if you have difficulties in understanding a specific concept.

This decision will solely be up to you, which is why it is vital for you to address timeframes first before fully committing to a study schedule plus knowing your strengths and weaknesses.


3. Set Personal Study Goals

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In each study session, it might be good to set personal study goals just to guide you and be more motivated.

Ask yourself what needs to be done, how to accomplish it, how much reading should you do, or how much research is required.

Breaking down your study sessions into small, attainable goals will simplify the output you want to achieve, plus it just makes it doable.

Depending on what needs to be done, make the call on what goals you want to achieve on each session and stick to the methods on the best way to achieve it.


4. Place Your Study Plan Template Where You Can See It

You need to see your study plan template for you to always be reminded about your goals and schedule.

Plus, it’s easier to stick to it if you see it all the time. If you use your PC all the time and prefer online study templates, bookmark them on your browser or have the file on your desktop for easy access.

If you’re someone who likes to write things down, whether on a notebook, a planner or even on sticky notes, you can have them on your study table.

Seeing your study plan template can always give you a sense of motivation and lets you remember why you’re studying in the first place. Is it to get a job? Enhancing skills? Whatever the reason, you’re studying to achieve your goals.


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