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Starting a Career in Project Management: Be in the Know

Starting a career in project management can be tricky for some, especially if it is their very first time in the industry.

However, a career in project management can be very rewarding when you start on the right track.

This is why it is vital to be in the know on how to start your career in project management the right way if you’re keen to become the best project manager you can be!

Lucky for you, we have listed what you should take note of to be in the know when it comes to starting a career in project management.

So read on and jumpstart your project management career!

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Take Project Management Courses

starting a career in project management by taking qualifications

If you’re coming into this industry without considering training and acquiring the right qualifications, it is highly advised that you reconsider.

You’re going to need a wide range of skills and knowledge if you want to start a career in project management — and the best way to get those is through studying the Certificate IV in Project Management

This nationally recognised project management qualification will teach you all the necessary skills and knowledge required for you to kickstart your career.

It’s also the most popular entry-level course for the industry, which makes it a must-have if you’re keen on starting a career in project management and wish to be successful.

Having the latest qualification under your belt not only enhances your skills and knowledge but also your chances of getting employed — arguably one of the very first steps you need to accomplish in terms of starting your career.


Talk to People and Improve Your Connections

network of people

Once you’ve settled into your role, it’s time to build your network of people.

Talking to people and building your network is crucial in starting a career in project management. This will help you gain new perspectives and ideas when it comes to the industry.

You will eventually grow your contacts and network as you progress through your career, but starting as early as now won’t hurt, especially if you’re serious about starting the right way.

Being exposed to different people with the same professional background, or even from people who are from entirely different industries is a healthy career move that can help you start strong in your project management career.

Also, keep in mind to have an open mind when it comes to dealing with others. Inevitably, different people would have different mindsets and ideas. And you might find yourself in a situation wherein you don’t completely agree with what they have.

Having an open mind allows you to consider their perspective and have a respectful take. This also allows a good professional relationship to take over, as ideas can freely be voiced out and shared.

Ultimately, it benefits both parties and is a great way to nurture professional relationships and start your career the right way.


Make Sure to Get Workplace Experience

project management workplace

Workplace experience not only gives you a taste of how being a project manager would be like, but it also enhances your employability.

Having to get the first-hand experience on how the job works will eventually help you when you start taking in job interviews. You’ll know exactly what you’re talking about when it comes to being a project manager.

Gaining a qualification plus having workplace experience is the formidable combination you would want to have under your belt to gain a competitive edge over others.

With how things work today, project management courses blend theory with practice, which would boost your skills even further.


Polish Your Transferable Skills

team training transferable skills for project management

Starting a career in project management and eyeing to become a successful project manager is natural and is somehow the expected course to take.

You want to start strong, rather than sloppy. Successful project managers are great at utilising their skills to solve problems, build and train teams, and making strategic decisions.

If you want to be able to reach that level, then you must at least have your transferable skills under your belt.

Refining your transferable skills, and maybe adding some new ones, will greatly help you in terms of setting yourself up for early success as a project manager.

Starting a Career in Project Management?

Check out our Certificate IV in Project Management course and kickstart your project management career the right way!

Gain the latest qualification in project management to have that competitive edge over others — you can’t start your career any better than this!

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