Retail Store Manager Duties & Responsibilities

Retail Store Manager Duties & Responsibilities

Managing a retail store is no easy task. It comes with heavy obligations — all to keep the store in tip-top shape.

The proper know-how can help you keep up with the loaded responsibilities of a retail store manager. With the Certificate IV in Retail Management, you will learn the necessary skills to become an effective retail store manager.

Read on and know more about the duties of a retail store manager, and all the essential know-how that come with it.


I. Being the Retail Store Manager Means…


1. Maintaining store security

As the retail store manager, one of your biggest concerns revolve around the security and well-being of your business. Security personnel would of course be mainly responsible for this, but it is the manager’s job to oversee everything, and make sure that security countermeasures, needs, concerns, and even loopholes and weaknesses are checked.


2. Creating a customer-centric culture within your business

It’s a known fact that your customers are your business’ lifeblood — which means you should take care of them in any way you can. You can achieve this by making sure that they are always prioritized. Setting a customer-centric culture within your business sets the tone for your employees in dealing with customers, which would lead to good employee-customer relations, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, positive customer feedback. This ensures that your customers are happy with how you do things and how they get treated as customers. A happy customer goes a long way for your business.


3. Achieving sales results

In line with having happy customers is achieving the business’ sale results. According to’s The Call Center Playbook for Improving Customer Satisfaction, an increase in customer satisfaction can also lift revenue by up to 15%, while lowering the cost of serving customers by as much as 20%. Which means happy customers will always do wonders for your business’ sale results.

But apart from the influence of your customers, you, as the store manager, should have a strong business plan. Customer satisfaction won’t always be on the high, so its good to have a backup plan in order to keep things afloat for the business.

A good store manager must be mindful of achieving good sales results since it’s where the revenue is generated.  You should be able to oversee all the numbers and data that contribute to good sales, and data that also indicates the low points of the business. Once you master this as a retail manager, achieving your target sales results would be easier for you, and for the business in general.


4. Leading a frontline team

Dealing with the day to day realities of the store can be gruelling and tiresome. As a manager, it is important to have a frontline team that you can delegate tasks to, while working towards the same goal of keeping the business alive.

As the store manager, you should be adept at leading a team that will help you achieve all your business goals, including maintaining efficient store operations.


5. Maintaining workplace safety

Another important responsibility of a retail store manager is ensuring workplace safety for employees. After all, there is no business without the employees who make things going. As a manager, it is your role to maintain a workplace that is hazard free. Your employees should feel safe working. A happy employee who feels completely safe and has nothing to worry about in the workplace can easily perform at the top-notch level and can impact the business in a multitude of ways.

These are just some of the things you need to take note if you want to be a retail store manager. It’s no easy task, but it can be a rewarding and fulfilling job when done right.

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II. How can the Certificate IV in Retail Management Help You?


Being a retail manager can be a hard job role top do, especially if you’re not equipped with the necessary knowledge to effectively do the job.

Lucky for you, the Cert IV in Retail Management is just the qualification you need to get the training and necessary know-how in being a competent Retail Manager.

This qualification in Retail Management can help you land a managerial-level career in the retail industry by preparing and training you for roles that require team leadership and operations management.

The course will teach you how to monitor retail store financials, implement operational plans, and create a culture that is centralised on your customers — which is what your business should be about.

If you have more questions regarding the Certificate IV in Retail Management, be sure to click here and visit Inspire Education’s course page and enquire now to know more about the course.

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