Recession Proof YOUR Career!

Recession Proof YOUR Career!

The nation’s unemployment rates are slowly falling and at April 2013, are estimated to be around 5.5%. During April alone, the economy picked up an extra 50,000 jobs contributing to a 0.1% reduction. The lowest rate of 2.1% was recorded in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and this figure has fallen along with the national average, from the 3.2% figure recorded only 12 months earlier. All the focus on jobs and employment has many people considering their careers and future roles. To help you fast-track your career and ensure against future recession, we have compiled the Top 5 Recession Proof Jobs list!

Recession Proof Career Quick Links

Education >>> Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Financial (bookkeeping) >>> Bookkeeping Course
Financial (accounting >>> Accounting Courses
Administration >>> Business Administration Courses
Aged Care >>> Aged Care Courses
Aged Care (home and community) >>> Personal and Home and Community Care

Top 5 Recession Proof Jobs and Careers

What is a Recession Proof Job?

A recession proof job is one that is likely to remain stable, or improve, during a hard financial and economic crisis. Though no job can be 100% recession proof, these jobs have a high demand for employment and can include professions like health care, education, law enforcement and technology.

1. Financial Services


Why are financial services important? In every recession, companies turn their attention to cost reduction and the bottom line. To ensure effective cash flow and the correct management of funds, assets and resources, every company needs an efficient financial team.

What can you do? Why not look into a financial services course, like bookkeeping or accounting? A Bookkeeping Course is perfect for those looking to enter a position as a contract or certified bookkeeper or payroll clerk and Accounting Courses are great for general accounts positions, trainee accounts and general banking and finance fields.

Click here for MORE INFORMATION on financial services courses.

2. Administration

Business Administration

Why is business administration important? The role of administration assistants is continually growing in responsibility. Many administration positions now perform duties that were once reserved for middle and upper-middle management. Administration is a great way for people to enter a company with many opportunities for internal promotion available!

What can you do? Business administration courses are the perfect way to get a foot in-the-door! There are many job opportunities linked to the Certificate III in Business Administration including office administration, reception, personal assistant and project assistant. There is also the ability to improve skills and progress into admin management carers like recruitment, administration management, senior executive assistant and general office management.

CLICK HERE for business administration courses.

To be a Trainer or Assessor you would need to hold the Cert IV in Training and Assessment qualification3. Education

Teachers, Trainers and Assessors

Why is education important? During a recession, people turn to education to improve their job prospects. This is where the roles of teachers and trainers become particularly important!

What can you do? Completing one of Australia’s most popular and in-demand qualifications, the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110 Course), will give you access to a variety of training and assessment positions in Australian TAFEs, public and private funded colleges, government department, corporate entities, private training organisations and private organisations. The qualification is also highly relevant to anyone who requires a professional trainer skill set.


4. Health Care

Nursing and Aged Care

Why is aged care important? While the economy may slow during recession, people will never stop needing medical treatment. Additionally, with the Australian aged population set to boom, by 2040, 25% of the entire population will be 65 years and older. This is going to placed huge demand on aged care workers, nursing assistants, medical assistant, nurses and occupational therapists.

What can you do? The Certificate III in Aged Care is an entry level qualification for positions and is ideal for people interested in positions such as aged care worker, community support worker, nursing assistant, disability service officer and field officer. The qualification will teach the skills to work effectively with the elderly and meet their particular needs by supporting both health and well-being.

CLICK HERE for aged care courses.

5. Health CareDemand for Personal and And Home Care Assistants are predicted to significantly increase

Personal and Home Care Assistant

Why is personal important? The predicted growth for the profession is 51% between 2010 and 2016, couple this with the huge demand for aged care outside the facility setting, and the need for personal and home care assistants is evident. Throughout any recession, there will always be a need for carers for the aged population, sick and disabled and wider community in general.

What can you do? The best course to become a home care worker, personal care assistant, community support worker or nursing assistant is a home and community course like the Certificate III in Home and Community Care.

Click here for personal, disabilities and HOME AND COMMUNITY care courses.

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