Questions to Ask Your Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

Vocational Education and Training Courses

A lot of people enter vocational education and training courses without first investigating their career options. Remember, organisations are there to help you in every way, so if you are unsure of course options or what is available to you, let them know! I have compiled a ‘mock’ question and answer scenario of someone interested in obtaining the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment may ask.

If you do not have time to call your training provider, a lot of the below information is available on the Inspire website!

Questions to Ask Your RTO

Q: By undertaking the Cert IV Training and Assessment Course what qualification will I receive?

A: You will receive a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, the essential “train the trainer” qualification for working as a trainer in the vocational education industry.

Q: Is the qualification nationally recognised?

A: All of Inspire’s qualifications are nationally recognised and accredited .

Q: Can I build on this qualification?

A: Yes, students who undertake the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment can go onto study the Diploma of Training and Assessment. Alternatively, a lot of students undertake vocational education and training as a pathway to other higher education qualifications such as university. Some students also choose to undertake another Certificate IV level qualification that is complementary to the Cert IV in Training and Assessment qualification, such as Cert IV in Occupational Health and Safety.

Q: How long does the qualification take?

A: You’ll have a maximum of 12 months to complete all the course requirements and assessments. The actual time taken, however, depends on a number of factors. Students who have plenty of spare time to dedicate to the task may find they finish all the coursework in a few months, while those with busier schedules may take the full 12. Some students, due to unforeseen circumstances, can apply for an extension to their course, perhaps taking 18 months!

Q: Is the training offered in ‘semesters’ or ‘terms’?

A: Inspire does not run in semesters or terms. This means students can be begin courses almost immediately. We also run blended and full face-to-face courses in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Parramatta, North Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

Q: Do I need to attend all of the classes; are units available through distance or online education?

A: Inspire Education offers courses through traditional ‘face-to-face’, distance and online education. Face-to-face classes require you to attend all classroom sessions, usually run intensively, full-time for two weeks. Inspire also offers courses through blended delivery which comprises of a mandatory face-to-face classroom based workshop, run for one week, and online study for up to six months. Online training does not have any compulsory classes to attend, all course materials will be provided for you to study and complete on your own timetable. These methods give students the greatest flexibility, allowing them to pick courses suited to them.

Q: Do I need to undertake any placements during my studies?

A: Each course at Inspire varies and placements are designed to get you ready for the workforce. Therefore, this is something to discuss with your individual enrolments co-coordinator or course trainer.

Get First-Class Training in the Nationally Accredited and Nationally Recognised Cert IV Training and Assessment with Inspire Education today!

Get First-Class Training in the Nationally Accredited and Nationally Recognised Cert IV Training and Assessment with Inspire Education today!

For more information on the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and course costs see the Inspire Education website or call 1800 506 509!


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