Qualified Early Childhood Educators in Hot Demand for a Rewarding Career

Qualified Early Childhood Educators in Hot Demand for a Rewarding Career

Have you been dreaming about a rewarding career where you can gain hands-on skills with plenty of job opportunities?

Do you want to work with children to shape their learning and build strong relationships with their families? Then look no further than a role in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Early childhood education job opportunities

preschool teacher in childcare

More than 1.3 million children in Australia attend one of 7,300 approved early childhood centres. Each centre has a minimum number of early childhood educators per child. The National Quality Framework sets out a clear child to educator ratios in child care centres:

  • Birth to 24 months – 1 educator to 4 children
  • 24 to 36 months – 1 educator to 5 children
  • 36 months to preschool – 1 educator to 10 or 11 children (depending on State)
  • Over preschool – 1 educator to 11, 13 or 15 children (depending on State)

With these figures in mind, it’s obvious more qualified early childhood educators are needed now as well as in the future.

See yourself working in child care

Imagine working with children in a healthy environment to support children’s play, and help develop their skills and knowledge to thrive through a range of activities and practice. Just think of the difference you could make designing early childhood programs, nurturing children’s imaginations and influencing their lives.

Being an early childhood educator and working with children in an early childhood centre is an incredibly rewarding job. Tara Goom, Lead Trainer for Early Childhood and Care at Inspire Education, has years of experience working in child care centres before becoming a Trainer.

“You really feel you’re making a difference in children’s lives. It can be physically demanding and challenging but if you have a good team, it’s a role you’ll feel passionate about.”

No two days are ever the same in a child care centre. You could be setting up activities with the children and creating programs. You’ll organise learning experiences and bring early childhood programs to life to meet the needs and interests of children in your care.

Do you have what it takes?

Tara believes a certain personality type is attracted to childhood education and children’s services.

“If you’re hardworking and willing to learn new skills then you’ll do really well in this industry. Being honest, reliable, fun, caring and nurturing are also extremely valuable qualities. And don’t be afraid to show those qualities to the children and families.”

You’ll support children’s play and implement strategies to provide holistic development to early childhood education.

In fact, many child care centres are now focusing on a more natural, healthy environment, with play-based learning and safety high on the agenda.

Demand for child care workers post COVID-19 will increase in Australia

demand chart for childcare jobs

More early childhood educators are needed to meet the demand for places in child care centres as parents head back to work post-pandemic, especially individuals with qualifications.

Currently, there is a shortage of qualified early childhood educators in the industry, but the Australian Government has worked hard to protect the child care services in Australia by providing a Childhood Education and Relief Package. This means the early child care industry and parents are provided with more commonwealth government funding to help develop and nurture our young children in a safe and caring environment.

To get a job in child care, you’ll have to enrolment in and complete and early childhood education course. Gaining a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care qualification in early childhood education and care is the minimum standard to work in most early childhood education centres throughout Australia. Workers with a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care are also highly sought after, as over 50% of early childhood educators in a child care centre must hold a diploma, or greater. You could even open your own child care facility in your home.

What Early Childhood Education jobs you can apply for

Once you are a qualified early childhood educator, you can typically apply for these child care jobs:

  • Child Care Assistant
  • Child Care Educator
  • Family Day Care Educator
  • Mobile Child Care Assistant
  • Early Childhood Education Assistant
  • In-home Child Care Provider (nanny)
  • Lead Early Learning Educator
  • Director in a Child Care Centre

Depending on the child care centre, these roles are a mix of full-time, part-time and casual positions and have very strong future growth!

The best part of getting a job in early childhood education and care

playful children in childcare

Influencing young children with your knowledge and being given the opportunity to implement strategies for their learning is just one aspect of working in early childhood care services. According to Tara, it’s the positive and respectful relationships she built that made being an early childhood educator so rewarding.

“The people I worked with, the children and their families, and knowing I was making a difference in their lives is the best. I loved interacting and having fun with the children – I enjoy being silly but also know I’m teaching them lifelong attributes that they’ll take into adulthood is such a privilege.”

Early childhood education and care is a rewarding and fulfilling career with endless possibilities. The child care industry is one of the most diverse with many different cultures and nationalities, both for workers and families. This provides exciting and interesting ways to teach our young people as well as acknowledge and celebrate their differences.

“Children love learning about different cultures. We had welcome signs in different languages – plus posters, books and songs. We also had traditional dress-up days and events. Some of our families would bring in food from various nationalities. We also had Aunty Di come in to teach the children about Aboriginal culture… that was amazing!”

Many early childhood centres also celebrate cultural festivals, holidays and events, embracing Diwali and Chinese New Year, as well as NAIDOC Week, just to name a few.

Next step – join the Early Childhood Education industry

Do you want to develop children’s knowledge and skills? Are you passionate about early childhood education, and want to build respectful relationships with families? Do you enjoy seeing children learn through play and want to nurture creativity? Is children’s education and care important to you? Then this rapidly-growing industry is for you!

“People who are caring and nurturing as well as fun are the types of people the early childhood industry needs! Children learn through play so when you join in and interact with them then their learning improves. You have to be passionate and enthusiastic and love working with children.”

Enrol in a certificate or diploma now!

Enrol in a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care or a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care child care course with Inspire Education and you’ll learn how to create an approved learning framework, provide an appropriate education for young children, as well as how to provide healthy food options and a suitable emergency first aid response. You’ll gain all the skills and knowledge needed to become an awesome early childhood educator.

What our childhood education and care courses offer

Our industry-experienced trainers and flexible online training early childhood education courses provide our students with the very best support and learning materials, to help develop and gain the knowledge needed to get jobs as early childhood educators. Improve and enhance your career prospects by gaining a nationally recognised qualification.

Students have access to our trainers via a range of channels, like phone, email and our student portal. Our Early Childhood Education and Care trainers have all worked extensively in the industry so they know exactly what’s expected and how to help you succeed.

Connect with other students

Our students also have the opportunity to connect with other students through webinars, forums and role-plays. This will further enhance their development and knowledge, making them ready for the workplace when they graduate!So what are you waiting for? Enrol today, and start your career in Early Childhood Education!

Want to know more about the experience of being an Early Childhood Educator? Click A Day in the Life of an Early Childhood Educator to hear from one of our experienced trainers.

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