Project Management Skills – Qualities Of A Project Manager Part 2

Project Management Skills – Qualities Of A Project Manager Part 2

Project Management Mistakes

While many mistakes are made unintentionally, it is always best to be on the lookout for the following as they can directly impact your project majorly and sometimes even lead to its success or failure. Below is 2012’s worst project management mistakes! In NO particular order!

Project Management Skills – Mistake #1

No Emphasis On People

Being a project manager you will undoubtedly have heavy reliance on your team. It is a good idea to keep your eye on the team’s relationship both as a whole and individually. Watch out for tension among members and be equipped to deal with any issues immediately and effectively.

Project Management Skills – Mistake #2

Not Knowing The Details

Ensure you know your stakeholders; who they are and what they are hoping to achieve from the project so that in the end you deliver as planned. By keeping these lines of communication open you can hope to effectively complete the project with as little confusion as possible. As a project manager it is also important to ensure all information stored is correct and adequately backed up to prevent technology failure.

Project Management Skills – Mistake #3

Not Learning From Mistakes

Projects can fail for many different reasons; however it is important to consider those reasons and look into why a project did or is going to fail. Even the best project managers do not succeed every time but the difference is in their ability to recognise mistakes and ensure they do not happen again. Look at your actions both during the project and carefully reflect afterwards to ensure any future projects are dealt with as best as possible.

Project Management Skills – Mistake #4


By being over the top congratulatory to outstanding members of the team, you are actively disengaging others. If a team member is really performing above and beyond expectation perhaps consider speaking to them privately or giving them a reward out of sight of their colleagues. The same situation goes for project managers who overtly point out the faults of the team as whole or individual members. This situation can encourage the team to turn against you and is a recipe for project failure!

Project Management Skills – Mistake #5

Failing To Meet Deadlines

As a project manager you need to recognize either your own faults or those of your team to meet certain deadlines. By allowing certain members of the team to have extensions, there may be animosity created within the group which again links into the mistake #4 favoritism by project managers.

Project Management Skills – Mistake #3

Not Tracking Work

While some employees may have adverse reactions to tracking systems, as a project manager it is important to analyse where your time is going and what aspects of a project are time consuming. There are a number of great software programs that can compile reports on both your time and that of your team to encourage you to effectively use time. Tracking the progress of the project is also important and teams appreciate knowing where each member is apt to ensure smooth progress. I have recently compiled a post (previous to this one) that lists a few different types of project management software and apps. So if you are new to project management or interested in upgrading your software check it out!

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