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Project Management Courses: FAQ

Looking to start a career in project management? Or are you gathering info and learning as much as you can about project management before making your move?

Whatever your reasons, you must have heaps of questions – so here’s a simple FAQ guide for project management courses that may aid in answering your queries. What are you waiting for? Read on!

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I. What Will You Learn in Project Management Courses?

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In general, project management qualifications will enable you to learn how to prioritise workload for you to gain results when faced with time and budget constraints.

Project management courses are designed to equip you with a set of techniques on project scope, human resources management, quality management, project life cycle, procurement procedures, information management, and cost management.

Taking a course in project management will help ensure that you have the ability and confidence to manage projects, lead your team to success, and to achieve organisational goals.

The broad range of competencies covered in project management courses will help you gain a set of skills that are highly regarded to prospective employers.


II. What’s the Difference Between Cert IV and Diploma?

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Wondering which course to take?

While both courses are sure to get you qualified in project management, they do have differences.

For instance, the Certificate IV in Project Management is better suited to those who have little to no experience or prior training when it comes to project management.

The Cert IV qualification can be your ideal springboard to get into the industry and gain the required skills and knowledge.

On the other hand, the Diploma of Project Management is perfect for those who wish to advance their existing skills and knowledge on project management, and take their career to the next level. The diploma qualification enables you to go for more senior roles within the industry.

For comparison, here’s a quick list of job roles you can pursue after completing the certificate iv, or the diploma of project management:

Cert IV Project Management Job Roles:

● Communications Liason

● Contracts Officer

● Estimator and Scheduler

● Project Administrator/Analyst

● Project Assistant/Support

● Project Coordinator

● Project Records Officer

● Project Team Member/Officer

● Quality Officer

● Small Business Operator

Diploma of Project Management Job Roles:

● Project Manager (Generic)

● Project Manager (Industry-specific)

● Project Leader

● Project Contract Manager

● Project Vendor Manager


III. What are the Benefits of Studying Project Management?

1. Working Smarter, Not Harder

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There’s nothing wrong with working hard. Although, you can be busy all day and push yourself to the limit, and yet still risk the chance of poor results because of the lack of planning and task prioritisation.

In short, you may end up exhausting yourself if you only work hard, and not smart.

Acquiring skills and knowledge on proper planning and management can give you the benefit of making the most out of your workload – which means finishing on time, meeting set goals, and having the energy to do more!

2. Enhanced Communication

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Project management qualifications are highly valued because they provide graduates with a common language and framework for describing businesses and their project resources.

These include better definitions for communicating best practice, enhanced communication with stakeholders and team members, and the ability to clearly define goals and standards to the organisation – which will ultimately facilitate better team coordination and success.

3. Leadership Skills

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Connected to effective communication, core leadership skills also drive improved communication and cohesiveness by enabling you to engage and coordinate with team members, contractors, and other sources of labour input.

After all, a good leader must be able to voice out and communicate effectively to ensure everything goes smoothly within a project.

Skills in leadership can also go a long way, not just something to use for your professional life, but for your personal life as well.

The ability to communicate effectively and engage with people is a social skill you can take anywhere you go!


IV. How Much Does It Cost to Study in Project Management?

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According to MySkills, the average course fee for the Certificate IV in Project Management is at $2,950

On the other hand, the Diploma of Project Management’s average course fee is at $4,800

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V. Summary

1. Gain and equip yourself with a set of techniques on project scope, human resources management, quality management, project life cycle, procurement procedures, information management and cost management when you take a project management course.

2. If you have little to no prior experience, looking to develop your skills in project management and is looking to jumpstart your career in the industry, then the Certificate IV in Project Management is the course for you.

However, if your intent is to further your skills and knowledge and take the next step to advance your career in project management, the Diploma of Project Management is what you’re looking for. The diploma course enables you to take on senior and more advanced roles in the industry.

3. Taking a course in project management has its benefits. You’ll learn to work smarter, you’ll enhance your communication skills, and develop your leadership skills – something you may apply in both your professional and personal lives.

4. The average course fees for the Cert IV and Diploma of Project Management is at $2,950 and $4,800 respectively.

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