Phone Interview Tips: Advice for Your BEST Phone Interview Yet!!

Phone Interview Tips: Advice for Your BEST Phone Interview Yet!!

So you’ve got an upcoming phone interview? Don’t stress…! We’ve compiled a set of phone interview tips and trick to help you ace your next interview and get the job you have always wanted!

With Australian hiring managers receiving an average of 120 applications per job advertisement, equating to more than 10 hours of resume review, it’s understandable that phone interviews are becoming more prevalent. As only around 30% of applicants possess the required experience, education and skills, during the introductory phase, recruiters are looking to minimise the candidate pool as quickly as possible – cue the phone interview.

Now, just because it is a phone call, don’t think that it is going to be any more relaxed than a face-to-face interview! First impressions are crucial. Within 5 minutes of a call, studies of over 500 hiring managers have indicated that only around 2 out of 10 people will proceed to the next stage! So, to increase your chances of moving up the interview process check out the interview tips below!

Phone Interview Tips

Get dressed! Even though the aspect of physical appearance is removed from the picture, it is recommended you be as prepared as you would be for a face-to-face interview.

Wear a smile. Smiling changes tone of voice dramatically and is essential to demonstrating your enthusiasm for the position in an auditory only setting.

Don’t look in the mirror!! Many people think looking in the mirror draws attention to your speech. While this can be true, it also draws attention away from the interviewer.

Ensure the location of call is quite… Unless you have been put on the spot, there is no reason for you to take the call in a disruptive location. This includes inadequate phone reception and noise which will hinder both the interview and you.

Ensure your phone is charged… This builds onto the location interview tip above. There is nothing worse than a phone cutting out on a potential employer!

Plan the interview. At the beginning of the call, if you feel comfortable with the interviewer, ask what the layout and process of the interview will be. This will allow you to plan your notes and documents accordingly and ensure your answers are streamlined and highly relevant.

Have your documents at the ready! In the phone interview notification, the employer will usually detail a bit about what they are expecting to cover on the phone (so have relevant documents ready). Other notes you might like to have by could include potential answers to interview questions, questions you want to ask the recruiter and copies of documents they may want to review with you, like your resume, CV and cover letter.

Research, research, research! Don’t go into the interview blindsided, know about the company (this includes their history, visions, values and mission) and the role you are applying for (this includes skills required and tasks expected).

Ask questions. During the interview if you are having a hard time gauging your progress, don’t be afraid to ask questions like “is that all you need” or “should I elaborate further”.

Avoid negativity. Employers are ultimately on the lookout for an individual who can solve company problems. Avoid using negative words or focusing on negative answers.

Consider using a headset. For lengthy phone interviews, look into connecting a headset to your phone, or if you don’t have one perhaps buying a cheap one. Headsets will allow you to focus on the conversation at hand, take notes and sort through your documents.

Get your vocal cords warmed up! In the hour before the interview it is a good idea to sing or talk aloud to ensure your voice is clear and confident. This is also a great way to practice the pitch and tone of your answers.

Have a spoonful of honey! Some honey or a cough drop is ideal to keep a smooth voice and raspy throat at bay and avoid a major coughing fit in the middle of the interview.

Finally, the most important interview tip (relevant to both phone interviews and face-to-face interviews), is to ensure you follow up with a thank you note.  In this note (it can be hand written or email), make sure you express your gratitude for the interview and remind them of a few key reasons why you would be great for the job!

Have you recently completed a phone interview? Are you a recruiter? Let us know your experiences with phone interviews as well as interview tips and tricks!

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