Part 3 Distance Learning: Top 21 FREE Online Learning Courses

Part 3 Distance Learning: Top 21 FREE Online Learning Courses

Welcome to Part 3 of the Top 21 FREE Online Learning Courses series (don’t forget Part 1 and Part 2)!

This post will look at the final seven free courses online >>> Udemy, Free-Ed, Webcast Berkeley, Capilano University, Learning Space: The Open University, USQ Open Courseware and Open Culture.

Top 21 Free Online Learning Courses: Part 3

15. Free Courses Online: Udemy

Udemy is heavily involved in technology training. Courses include mobile development, marketing, web development, Adobe and design. Udemy also includes a huge range of courses outside the technology scope, meaning it is applicable to everyone. Additionally, the site shows top trending courses – great to find out what is popular and widely studied. Sign up for Udemy here.

16. Free Courses Online: Free-Ed

One of the biggest benefits to Free-Ed is the availability of student networking. This allows participants in the same course to talk and collaborate across Facebook, forums and other online mediums. Courses range from business and marketing to career development and skills trades. The free courses online also include maths, education, engineering and public service. Check out Free-Ed courses by Clicking Here.

17 Free Courses Online: Webcast Berkeley

Webcast Berkeley similar to Tufts (mentioned in Part 1) in that there is no student profile or login necessary, students merely jump online and watch a recording of a class taught on campus. As classes are limited to video and sometimes audio online materials, those participating will generally be required to do further study to understand content efficiently. Visit Webcast Berkeley here.

18 Free Courses Online: Capilano University

Capilano University is a Canadian provider of FREE Courses Online! The university offers anthropology, art history, chemistry and English, geography, maths and philosophy courses. Students have access to distance learning syllabus, assignments, and lecture notes. View the Capilano Course list here.

19 Free Courses Online: The Open University

At The Open University you can essentially ‘try before you buy’, even though you are not really buying (courses are again, free)! Check out video features, audio programs, course extracts and engage in discussion hubs to find out which course is best for you! There are a multitude of subjects on offer including finance and management, environment, science and maths, society and education. Visit The Open University by Clicking Here.

20 Free Courses Online: USQ Open Courseware

University of Southern Queensland is an Australian Online College providing Open Courseware. It is ideal for those people interested in tourism, interactive media, technology, communication and career. Other distance learning courses include science, society and teaching and learning. Click on the link to visit USQ Australia.

21 Free Courses Online: Open Culture

Open Culture is an online learning provider that offers free courses online/distance learning from a huge variety of online learning providers! Over 700 courses are available from universities like Stanford, Harvard, MIT and Yale. Courses can be downloaded straight from the website and there is no need to create a user profile or login! You read more about Open Culture by Clicking Here.

Have you studied online/distance learning before or completed one of the free online learning courses? We’d love to hear your opinions on online universities and online courses! AND if you liked this article, make sure you read Parts 1 and 2!!

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