Part 2 Distance Learning: Top 21 FREE Online Learning Courses

Part 2 Distance Learning: Top 21 FREE Online Learning Courses

Wanting to study a distance learning course but want to do it for FREE?!

Well you have come to the right place! Welcome to Part 2 of the Top 21 FREE Online Learning Courses, courses 8-14. If you missed Part 1, be sure to check it out >>>Part 1 Distance Learning – Top 21 FREE Online Learning Courses 1-7<<<, otherwise, here are the next seven free online universities/online courses!

Top 21 Free Online Learning Courses: Part 2

8. Free Courses Online: Harvard University

In 2012, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched EdX, a free online learning partnership that allows people across the globe to access university courses. Harvard is ranked as the third best university in the world! To see what’s next up on offer at Harvard, visit edX.

9. Free Courses Online: TED

Beginning in 1984, TED was started as a conference to bring together Technology, Entertainment and Design. Fast-forward to 2013 and the website has some of the best performers and speakers in the world. TED is a free website with over 1,400 talks available! Check them out at

Want to study an online training course? Inspire offers over 20 different courses in 9 categories!

10. Free Courses Online: Alison

Alison was launched in 2007 and has over 400 free online courses and certificates across 10 difference course categories. Students can study within a variety of fields including legal studies, human resources, psychology and more. To see what courses are available for enrolment Click Here.

11. Free Courses Online: MIT Open Courseware

Online courses on offer at MIT Open Courseware (there are 2100 of them!) are almost identical to the courses taught for traditional face-to-face students! View the course list at MIT.

12. Free Courses Online: Yale Open Courses

The free distance learning open courses available from Yale University include a selection of the institutions introductory courses. While online course credits, certificates and degrees are not available through the courses, each lecture has been recorded in a Yale classroom and is available in video and audio. Online learning courses on offer include astronomy, chemistry, economics, history, art history, political scientist and philosophy as well as many more; check them out by Clicking Here.

13. Free Courses Online: RedHoop

RedHoop offers free courses online from Khan Academy, Coursera and Udemy as well as paid courses in a variety of categories including arts, photography, design, humanities, education, languages, games, lifestyle, business, maths and technology. Enrol with RedHoop Here.

1370497051_mini14. Free Courses Online: Saylor

Saylor has been around since 2008 and is similar to provider sites like Coursera. The organisation offers more than 250 free courses in university level fields like general education, art history, business administration, chemistry, biology, communication, computer science, economics, English literature, history, maths, engineering, philosophy, political science and psychology. Saylor also offers professional development training including workplace skills, job search skills and career development. Visit them here.

Have you studied online/distance learning before or completed one of the free online learning courses? We’d love to hear your opinions on online universities and online courses!

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