Part 1 Distance Learning: Top 21 FREE Online Learning Courses

Part 1 Distance Learning: Top 21 FREE Online Learning Courses

So you want to study an online course but don’t want to pay the fee?

Don’t sweat – we’ve compiled a list of 21 online learning courses and online universities (in no particular order)! Also, if you missed it, don’t forget to read Part 2 FREE Online Learning: Courses 8-14. Now you can study a FREE Courses Online and get the DREAM JOB you have always wanted! 

Top 21 Free Online Learning Courses: Part 1

1. Stanford University

For students interested in studying an online course at Stanford University, you will be pleased to know it is one of the world’s best and is current ranked within the Top 15 Universities in the world! 

The types of ‘free courses online’ offered at Stanford include:

  • Engineering and Computer Science
  • Business and Management
  • Natural Science and Social Science
  • Medicine and Health
  • Humanities

With such a huge variety of courses available, there is something for everyone! Stanford Online aims to provide public global access to learning experiences and provide high-quality education to students around the world. See what’s starting next at Stanford Online.

Want to study a Nationally Accredited online course? Check out the range available at Inspire!

Want to study a Nationally Accredited online course? Check out the range available at Inspire!

2. iTunesU Free Courses

iTunes U allows students access to course materials including apps, video and audio lectures, read books and view presentations. The app is designed to allow teachers to create an entire course in one application. Students can:

  • Integrate the program with other iBooks
  • Take notes in iBook for later review in iTunesU
  • Be directed to the content need at the tap of a button

The program is available for schools, colleges and universities and allows students to learn anything, anywhere, anytime. Check out iTunesU Here.

3. Coursera

Coursera is a partnership between some of the biggest universities in the world and allows the public free access to some of the courses available. By the end of 2012, Coursera had almost 2 million people from around 200 countries enrolled in a course. Today the organisation boasts almost 4 million ‘Courserians’ and offers over 370 courses across 81 learning providers!

Subjects available for study include arts, biology, life science, business and management, chemistry, economics, finance, energy and earth science, engineering, food and nutrition, humanities, health and society, law, mathematics, medicine, music and film, physical and earth science, social sciences, statistics and data analysis and teacher professional development. Start your free course with Coursera Here.

4. Khan Academy

Khan is a non-profit organisation that shares video lessons across YouTube for free. Students do not take a course in full, but rather participate in watching certain segments of it. Start your education in:

  • Math
  • Science and Economics
  • Humanities

Or, you can watch a variety of talks and interviews; have access to partner content from the Stanford University School of Medicine and MIT. Khan is also a great source for past exams including GMAT, SAT and other high school testing. To find out more about Khan Academy Click Here.

5. UMass Boston

Open Courseware (MOOCs) are a great source of education for professional development!

Open Courseware (MOOCs) is a great source of education for professional development!

Open Courseware from UMass Boston includes a range of educational fields like Biology, Education, Political Science, History, Maths and Psychology. Unfortunately, the course does not include PowerPoint slides, videos or lecture notes but students are given assignments and recommended readings. Find out more about studying an online learning course with UMass Boston here.

6. University of California Irvine

Unlike many of the open courseware online learning courses available, University of California Irvine Open Courseware allows students to gain academic credit for particular courses!! There are a huge variety of courses on offer including those in the fields of art, business management, education, engineering, health sciences, humanities, information and computer science, law, physical science and social ecology. Check out what’s available by Clicking Here.

7. Tufts Open Courseware

While there is no need to login or create a student profile to access an online course, generally the only learning content available is lecture slides. This means to fully complete and understand the course supplementary reading and further study is often necessary. Find out more about the open courseware here.

So, what can you study in a Tufts Online Course? You can undertake courses from almost all schools, including:


  • School of Dental Medicine
  •     Basic human pathology
  •     Geriatric dentistry, medicine, oral public health and community service program
  •     Special care in dentistry and implant dentistry.
  • School of Medicine
  •     Biology of water and health and cardiovascular pathophysiology
  •     Genetics and human growth and development
  •     Introduction to clinical pain problems
  • School of Nutrition Science and Policy
  •     Agricultural science and policy I and II
  •     Foundations of nutrition science
  •     Theories of public policy.
  • School of Veterinary Medicine
  •     Histology and human animal relationships
  •     Law and veterinary medicine
  •     Population health and zoology medicine.
  • School of Arts and Science
  •     Blender 3D design
  •     Contemporary bio-social problems in America
  •     Force and strategy and intellectual development
  •     Introduction to geographical information systems
  •     Producing films.
  • School of Engineering
  •     Introduction to game development.
  • Fletcher School
  •     International multilateral negotiation.
  • University Seminar
  •    One health: interdisciplinary approaches to people, animals and the environment
  •    Water and diplomacy: integration of science, engineering and diplomacy.
Study one an online course for FREE with a world recognised education provider!

Study one an online course for FREE with a world recognised education provider!

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