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Online TESOL Course in Australia — Be in the Know!

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Online TESOL Course in Australia — Be in the Know!

Online Learning has been the popular choice for delivering courses in Australia today, as it is seen as the most effective way to deliver training.

The Certificate IV in TESOL is delivered through online learning, and is regarded as an internationally recognised qualification in teaching English to international students. Definitely a wonderful qualification to have under your belt.

Read on to know more about this online course in TESOL:


I. Certificate IV TESOL Course Delivery

Inspire Education offers TWO flexible delivery options for you to undertake the 10429NAT Certificate IV in TESOL. This is for you to determine what method would suit you the best.

1. Online Delivery – Includes online webinars, self-paced study, workplace learning, directed research and online learning and assessment materials and activities using inspire Education’s online student portal.

2. “Express 1-week” Online Workshop – Attend a 5-day virtual online workshop with an expert trainer. Take several of the core projects and requirements of the course and gain a clear direction on how to go through the remaining assessment tasks.

*Both delivery methods have a 12-month course duration.


If you have questions in mind, feel free to click here to visit Inspire Education’s course page and enquire now to get the latest news and updates.


II. What Will You Learn in the Online Certificate IV in TESOL Course?

This qualification in TESOL will enhance your knowledge of the English language, including identifying basic grammatical concepts, terminology, and traditional meta-language.

You will learn to design and develop learning strategies, and gain skills in planning lessons for students at different levels in a variety of contexts to be able to assist your future international learners in developing their English competencies.


III. Online TESOL Training Resources

To support your studies in the Online TESOL course, Inspire Education will provide you with the following:

  1. Access to the Inspire Education Online Student Portal
  2. Online Course Resources including Learning Materials and Assessment Workbooks
  3. Templates for completing Project Documents
  4. Simulations

Inspire Education will provide you with first-class training and student support while you undergo with your studies in TESOL.


Got questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Simply click here to visit Inspire Education’s course page and enquire now to get all the latest news and updates.

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