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Online Teacher’s Aide Course – What You Need to Know

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Online Teacher’s Aide Course – What You Need to Know

Teacher’s aides enjoy a high employment rate in Australia, but what should you do to start a career in education support?

Education support roles are in demand but only qualified individuals are allowed to work in the industry — you must first take the Cert III in Education Support training course to work in education support services.

However, most Australians who want to get the Cert III in Education Support can’t do so because of work and other commitments.

If you are like most of the people who take this course, then may not afford to split your time between the workplace and face-to-face classes. If that’s the case, then taking an online Cert III Education Support training course is a great choice for you.

What should you know about the online Education Support training course?

The things you should know are:

I. What will you learn in the online Certificate III in Education Support training course?

The online Certificate III in Education Support (CHC30213) is the leading qualification for education support roles.  You will learn to carry out the duties of an educational support worker through this course.

The Certificate III in Education Support training course is nationally recognised and accredited. This means that you can be an education support worker anywhere in Australia after getting your qualification.

This course will train you to:

  • • Support behaviour of children and young people
  • • Comply with legislative, policy and industrial requirements in the education environment
  • • Assist implementation of planned educational programs
  • • Contribute to student education in all developmental domains
  • • Contribute to organisation and management of classroom or centre
  • • Support the development of literacy and oral language skills
  • • Support the development of numeracy skills
  • • Work effectively with students and colleagues

II. Where will you practice what you’ve learned in this course?

The course will require you to undergo vocational placement in an approved education environment. You will work for a minimum of 100 hours to develop your knowledge and skills, as well as to gain hands-on experience.

A supervisor will assess your performance in carrying out the duties of an education support worker and give you feedback.

III. Why choose an Online training course over a Face-to-Face study?

Only online studying gives you these benefits:

Access the online classroom from anywhere – you can choose to study wherever you are comfortable in. Online study is convenient, especially if you have a job because you won’t have to drive or commute to class anymore.

Work at your own pace – online courses are self-paced so you could finish the course faster or take your time studying. Further, you will learn more from the course because you’ll be able to study in a pace that suits you.

Pay Lower Fees – Online courses are usually much cheaper to deliver. Also, you won’t have to pay for print-outs, venues, and transportation.

IV. How long does the course take to complete?

You will have up to 12 months to achieve all the learning outcomes and assessments to complete the course. This course is self-paced which means that its completion time will depend on you and how you work through the course.

The expected study hours for this course with the vocational placement can go up to 1455 hours. Students who have relevant industry experience may complete the course much faster.

V. What are essential for your success in the online training course?

Look for the following when enrolling in an online course:

High Quality Course Resources – This is where your knowledge of the course comes from so it’s important that they are informative and free from errors.

Easy-to-read Learner Guides and Workbooks – they should be clear, concise, and error-free. User-friendly learner guides and materials make for a smoother learning experience.

Premium Trainer Support – They will give you advice and help if you are stuck or confused about something in the course.

VI. Summary

If you wish to get into education support services but can’t commit to study full time or take face to face classes, then you should consider taking an online training course instead.

Online study will enable you to

  • • Acquire the same learning outcomes as face-to-face classes
  • • Carry out the duties of an education support worker
  • • Have a more flexible, convenient, and affordable education
  • • Get your qualification in 12 months or less
  • • Use a wide range of helpful resources

Studying online is suitable for those who are busy with work or those who just want to a better learning experience. If you are one of these people, then consider online study!

Feel free to send us a message for any inquiries or concerns about the leading Certificate III in Education Support.

Click here to enquire now on the Certificate III in Education Support course page and get detailed information about your course.

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  • Marilyn Tomasiello says:

    Morning, Just wondering if you could advise me on how long would I have to do the course, as I am employed in a school now and have been there for 15yrears ( all up of TA is 28years). I can get references from the principal and other co workers to make this course shorter for me if possible. i am wanting to have Cert3/4. Would you please send me the cost of this course.
    Hoping you can help me.
    Many thanks

    • Joshua says:

      Hi Marilyn. The Certificate III in Education Support is available right now for only $990, in line with our Spring Sale. You may enquire here to get in touch with our Enrolment Coordinator and talk about the course duration and other details.

  • Monique says:

    I’ve been doing education assistant work in Primary and high schools , both special needs and main stream for 5years , I have a diploma in children’s services, and would like to do a very 3 or 4 in education assistant course . Are you able to give me prices and do u do RPL .

    • Joshua says:

      Thanks for your interest, Monique. You can definitely apply for RPL when you enrol since you have the experience and qualifications. You will just have to provide the relevant documents to support your competency. The Certificate III in Education Support course is available right now for only $990 upfront with payment plan. Enquire here at the Cert III Education Support page to get in touch with our Enrolment Coordinator.

  • Melissa Pattie says:

    Just wanted a price on this course for next year.

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