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Online Study Myths and Misconceptions Busted [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Online Study Myths and Misconceptions Busted [INFOGRAPHIC]

Top 5 Myths and Misconceptions Of Online Study

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Online Study Myths and Misconceptions Busted [INFOGRAPHIC]

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  • Monet says:

    You don’t say what country are you in?If you plan to do a oninle course you need to do a little home work, by looking at;How recognized is the oninle service, that is are they part of a widely recognized reputable educational body.Are they a Recognized Training Organization (or similar depending on what country your in) are the accredited?Is the certificate your wanting to do, recognized country wide or state wide and do employers recognize the certificate?Is there good student support, should your require it, such as email, phone, chat etc?Is it value for money? The good things about oninle learning, is its self directed, so your can do the work at your leisure, no classroom distractions such as other students. Or having to find a car park, race to the classroom. Course content is available 24 hours. Cost can be a little cheaper than normal courses where there is classroom participation.The downside, you may not be good at time management, so you don’t get the work done. You need solid internet connection, with a large bandwidth (broadband). Up to date computer programs, including flash players, for videos, audio or graphics etc. No classroom participation, which can mean you miss out on other student feed back etc. I work for a very large RTO and the certificates are recognized country wide, and accepted by employers, we must adhere to strict guidelines, and failure to do so means we can loose our RTO accreditation. We have had a huge swing in the last 18 months to more oninle learn (self directed learning), where there is minimal classroom participation, we have to have student support, email phone support and if needed direct contact to teacher/lecture, and access to text books, books etc.

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