Work Health and Safety

Work Health and Safety

Community Safety Month 2015: How You Can Get Involved

0 Comments   Posted: 01/10/15   by Luke Imbong

Community Safety Month 2015

Community Safety Month 2015 Events If you’re like most Australians, then you want to get home safely at the end of each day. After all, no one wants to fall ill or risk getting injured. Unfortunately, these can and do happen when you’re working, studying or even just walking around your neighbourhood. Accidents happen every Read the full post

Safety Short Courses in Australia

0 Comments   Posted: 20/09/15   by Luke Imbong

Safety Short Courses in Australia

The Certificate IV and Diploma of Work Health and Safety are nationally accredited courses for Safety Officers and OHS Representatives, but there are other safety qualifications available today. There are safety short courses that target areas like construction, mining, fire prevention and other industries where workers face additional risk or need special preparation for the Read the full post

Your RPL Guide for the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

2 Comments   Posted: 26/05/15   by Luke Imbong

 Cert IV WHS and the RPL Process One of the most common questions we get asked at Inspire Education from new and existing safety professionals is “Can I get recognition of prior learning for my experience and previous training in safety and apply it to the Cert IV WHS?”. If you have work experience relevant Read the full post

Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety: FAQ

18 Comments   Posted: 06/05/15   by Luke Imbong


Frequently Asked Questions for the Cert IV WHS (UPDATED FOR 2019) Can I apply for RPL? Should I take the face to face or online course? And how will this help me in my job? These are only a few examples of the common questions we receive almost every day about the Certificate IV in Read the full post

The Top 5 Training Courses for Safety Officers and Professionals

2 Comments   Posted: 26/03/15   by Luke Imbong

Looking for a career in safety? Occupational health and safety is a major concern for Australian employers and employees alike. After all,  you wouldn’t want to go home with a missing limb and a hefty fine. Safety Officers prevent that from happening in mining sites, construction areas, city offices and everything in between. How do Read the full post

The Top 3 Career Reasons Australians Study Work Health and Safety

2 Comments   Posted: 25/03/15   by Luke Imbong

Where can the Cert IV WHS take your career? If you’re looking at completing a Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety, no doubt you’re planning to start a new career, advance your current one, or enhance your ability to do your job, right? The Cert IV WHS is one of the most popular vocational Read the full post

How to Become a Construction Safety Officer

15 Comments   Posted: 23/03/15   by Luke Imbong

Work Health and Safety Careers in Construction Update: If you want to become a Workplace Safety or Safety Officer Trainer, check out our latest guide here. Occupational health is a big issue in workplaces across Australia. Workplace injuries and fatalities are incredibly demoralising for workers, leading to reduced productivity. They are also a huge expense Read the full post

Work Health and Safety Career Guide

6 Comments   Posted: 31/10/14   by William Cowie

What is a Health and Safety Professional? A work health and safety professional is a person trained in Work Health and Safety (WHS) practices and regulations. They design, develop, implement and analyse WHS programs. WHS professionals ensure safe and healthy working conditions in workplaces, assist injured staff through the compensation and rehabilitation process or workers Read the full post

WHS Issues: Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

0 Comments   Posted: 24/09/13   by Inspire Media

Gender discrimination and sexual harassment are two serious issues that can be an insidious poison in a workplace. Apart from legal consequences (which can be serious for the employees involved, as well as their employer), sexual harassment and gender discrimination can also cause significant long term harm to the victim and have wider social impacts. Read the full post

Why do miners need the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety?

0 Comments   Posted: 19/09/13   by Inspire Media

Course link: Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety Miners work in dangerous environments where one mistake can cost someone their life. Mining is by no means an easy job. While miners are generally well compensated in Australia, some would argue the health risks and danger involved in their work justify an ever higher wage. Read the full post

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