OHS Training Shows Unhealthy Habits

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OHS Reports that Manufacturing Workers are Most Unhealthy

Blue Collar VS White Collar

Traditionally, blue collar workers perform manual labour such as manufacturing, mining and construction. The physical nature of their occupation portrays an image of health and fitness.

However, this change within the manufacturing industry is attributed to the integration of technology leading to more sedentary jobs.

Reports by WorkSafe Victoria found

  • One third of manufacturing workers have a high risk of type two diabetes
  • 18% of white collar workers in the professional, scientific and technical services have a high risk of type two diabetes, 15 per cent less than their peers
  • Over 6 per cent of manufacturing workers have a high risk of heart disease
  • White collar workers have half that risk, approximately 3%
  • 25% of blue collar workers are smokers
  • 13.6% of white collar workers are smokers

The testing included over 40 000 workers and focused on cholesterol, blood pressure and lifestyle behaviours. These investigations highlight the importance of occupational health and safety and the Cert IV OHS.

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