Work Health and Safety Mistakes!

The Importance of OHS Training

Work health and safety courses are a requirement by law for safety representatives and are a hugely important aspect of business today. Individuals and companies who fail to comply with OH&S laws, regulations and procedures are subject to heavy fines – extremely hazardous to the bottom line.

While occupational health and safety costs the Australian economy billions every year, OHS accident, illness and injury is greatly preventable where adequate safety measures (OHS Training) and appropriate training are in place.

Top 10 Australian Statistics: (preventable by OHS Training)
  1. During 2008-09 there was over 133 000 workers’ compensation claims for serious injury and illness,
  2. Male employees are twice as likely to have a serious injury, compared with females,
  3. Serious workers compensation claim rates increase with employee age,
  4. There is double the amount of incident rates for labourers than any other occupation,
  5. On average, serious workers’ compensation claims require four weeks off from work,
  6. Back injury represents one in five serious claims,
  7. Around 53 of every 1000 workers experiences a work health and safety injury during their career,
  8. For every 100 000 workers, OH&S injury, accident and illness results in just under 2 deaths,
  9. Work health and safety injury and illness cost the economy $60.6 billion,
  10. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, Transport and Storage and Manufacturing recorded the highest incidents, almost doubling the rate for all industries.
Work Health and Safety Fails!

Now that you are up to speed on Australian OHS Statistics and the importance of OH&S Courses and Training, check out the top Work Health and Safety fails!!

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