National Children’s Week 2015 Events

National Children’s Week 2015 Events

National Children’s Week 2015 Events

National Children’s Week is being celebrated Australia-wide this week from the 24th of October to the 1st of November.

This year’s edition features the theme on rights of the child as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Australia’s signing of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child.

Fundraisers, activity fairs and other events will be held throughout the following days in schools and community centers to highlight the skills, achievements, talents and rights of young Australians.

Organisations, educational institutions, early childhood services and even child care centres have organised a full week of displays just to showcase what children can do and how important early childhood education and care is.

Most importantly, this week is a unique opportunity for both adults and children to celebrate their right to enjoy childhood.

What are the Rights of the Child?


Children’s rights for education, care, enjoyment and other quality of life indicators were formally adopted through the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. This compilation protects the rights of infants, toddlers, kids and teenagers  by setting standards in the fields of education, legal, civil and social services.

Briefly put, the Convention says children all over the world have the right to live and develop themselves to the fullest, be protected from exploitation and harmful influences and to participate in family and social life.

NSW Children’s Week has a handy summary of all the rights listed in the Convention in a kid-friendly language:

National Children


What National Children’s Week events can I join?


Activities that showcase children’s achievements and the importance of their education and care can be found all throughout the country.

For events in Sydney and across New South Wales, visit the NSW Children’s Week website.
For events in Melbourne and across Victoria, view the Victoria Events Calendar.
For events in Brisbane and across Queensland, visit the Queensland Children’s Week Association.
For events in Adelaide and across South Australia, visit the SA Children’s Week website.
For events in Perth and across Western Australia, visit the Children’s Week WA website.

What activities and events can I organise for children?


You can hold any activity that celebrates the rights of children and features their achievements. Some popular ideas collected by the VIC government are:

Art Exhibition – Display arts and crafts created by children in schools and child care centres
Tree Planting Day – Help children plant their first tree and help them care for it for the year of the year
Information Sessions – Hold educational sessions where parents can learn the value of playtime or how to handle the changes when their sons and daughters enter kindergarten or other school levels
Open Day – Invite the local community to tour your school, education centre, or early childhood facility
Favourite Book Day – Allow children to share their favourite book with you and their peers
Breakfast and Morning Tea – Get parents, guardians, carers and other friends together for informal gatherings over a cuppa


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