Mining Jobs Part 3 - Australian Mining Sectors

Mining Jobs Part 3 – Australian Mining Sectors

So you want to get a mine job but not sure where to apply? Before you jump in, check out the key mining sectors in Australia and plan your dream career!

Welcome To Part 3 Of Mining Jobs – Australian Mining Sectors

Remember, if you missed “Mining Jobs Part 1 – How To Get A Mining Job“, check it out at Inspire Mining Jobs Blog for some great ideas and advice on how to get a mine job and break into the mining Australia industry.

Have you got any advice for those looking for entry level mining jobs (mining jobs with no experience)?! We’d love to have your input so please leave a comment below!

Australian Mining Sectors


• Miner
• Mines Assistant
• Mine Technician
• Mine Operator
• Mine Contractor


• Welder
• Boilermaker
• Computer Aided Machine Operator
• Fitting and Machining
• Machine Setter
• Sheet Metal Worker
• Roughneck
• Quality Assurance Officer
• Process Plant Operator
• Mud Logger
• Chemicals, Hydrocarbons and Oils
• Senior Process Operator


• Driller
• Senior Driller


• Auto Electrician
• Electrical Engineering Technician
• Electrician


• Assistant Environmental Technician
• Environmental Technician

Information Technology

• Computer Service Technician
• Database Administrator
• Network Administrator
• Systems Administrator


• Surveyor Technician
• Draftspersons


• Petroleum Technician


• Automatic Transmission Mechanic
• Automotive Mechanic
• Plant Mechanic


• Laboratory Supervisor
• Laboratory Technician


• Quarry Manager


• Assistant Environmental Technician
• Geo-technician
• Electrical Engineering Technician
• Laboratory Technician
• Petroleum Technician
• Chemicals, Hydrocarbons and Oil Plant Technician
• Mine Technician
• Pit Technician
• Plant Technician
• Senior Technical Officer
• Surveyor Technician


• Electrical Engineering Technician
• Petroleum Technician


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