Mining Jobs Part 2 - Entry Level Mining Jobs

Mining Jobs Part 2 – Entry Level Mining Jobs

Welcome to Part 2 of Mining Jobs – Entry Level Mining Jobs

Mining Jobs, No Experience?

If you missed Part 1 – Entry Level Mining Jobs, be sure to check it out by CLICKING HERE. The post has some great information on mine jobs like truck driving, driller’s assistant, field assistant, labourer, pit technician and  shot-firer’s assistant. Today we look into Part 2 Entry Level Mining Jobs which include careers in OH&S safety officer roles, OHS representatives, survey assistance, trades assistance, trainee operations, cooking, cleaning and administration!

WHS and OH&S Courses Quicklinks

Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
Diploma of Work Health and Safety

Mining Jobs #7

Safety Representative (OHS Representative/Safety Officer)

Many people choose to undertake safety training, like an OH&S Course (Cert IV WHS), to work as a health and safety professional in the mines. Safety Officers are responsible for the coordination of health and safety systems, as well formulation OH&S strategies in the mines. Safety officers are also required to participate in OH&S Management systems, ensure company compliance with WHS regulations and legislation, coordinate emergency procedures and communicate with management to report on the status of health and safety within the mines. OHS Representatives will also develop occupational health and safety policies, procedures and manuals for use within the work place.

For more information on Safety Representative roles, click here.

Mining Jobs #8

Surveying Assistant

The survey assistant is a supporting role to other mine jobs. This role may be required on drilling site and through geophysical and geochemical surveys. Survey assistants work in very remote locations through mining areas in Australia and work long hours. The duties may include management of field camps, collection, measurement and transport of rock and soil samples and the collation of information and data entry. For the full list of duties and responsibilities of a survey assistant, click here.

Mining Jobs #9

Trades Assistant

Trades assistants are also known as labourers, offsiders and apprentices. The one prerequisite for trades assistants is the requirement to be physically fit. Trades assistants in the mines might work as boilermakers assistants, fitters assistants, metal forgers assistants, metal moulders assistants or second-class workers. Duties may include welding, operation of power hammers, organisation of trades person tools and preparation of work surfaces. There is a lot of potential for internal promotions and the chance to increase skills from this ‘no experience’ entry level position. If you need more information on mine jobs as a trade assistant click here.

Many mine sites offer trainee operator roles to ensure the skills of future minersMining Jobs #10

Trainee Operator

Experienced miners are central to the operation of mine sites and are in extremely high demand. Many mine sites offer trainee operator roles to ensure the skills of future miners. Open and underground miners may become a specialist in:
• Longhole and Jumbo Drill Operators
• Airleg Miners
• Mining Machine Operators
• Longwall Miner Operators
• Development Machine Miners
• Mechanical Bogger Operators

Mining technicians are responsible for operation of machinery, repairing machinery and drilling equipment, equipment supply and maintenance of work areas, monitoring of the extraction process, collection of geological matter, dismantling and extraction of excavation material and equipment, find out more by clicking here.

Mining Jobs #11


Many cooking roles are based on the fly-in fly-out contract, a lucrative deal for entry level mining jobs! It is the ideal position for those who enjoy cooking and are after a people focused role. Cooking jobs in the mines include both catering and cooking as well as counter hands and kitchen assistants. These jobs might include monitoring work health and safety compliance, planning menus and ordering product based on the number of guests, popularity and cost, developing recipes, retaining records for government use and monitoring the budget, payroll and finances to ensure expenditures are authorised and budgeted for. Read about cooking jobs in the mines here.

Mining Jobs #12


There is always a demand for cleaners in the mines! Cleaning jobs require no prior education and training qualifications with the main requirement being to look after miners accommodation as well share building areas and offices. Cleaning jobs are generally on-site (with no option to fly-in fly-out) and to gain employment, many companies will require proof of residence before commencement. While cleaning experience is advantageous, it is not necessary.

Mining Jobs #13


Administration workers in the mines is a great job for those looking for ‘mining jobs no experience’. Administration staff are responsible for general administrative tasks, staffing, human resources and payroll. Admin roles are usually for those living within the mining community and rarely have fly-in fly-out opportunities.

Have you got any advice for those looking for entry level mining jobs (mining jobs no experience)?! We’d love to have your input so please leave a comment below! Also, stay tuned for Mining Jobs Part 3 – Australian Mining Sectors for all the latest mining jobs Australia information and the types of positions available in the mines!

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