Mining Jobs Part 1 – Entry Level Mining Jobs

Mining Jobs Part 1 – Entry Level Mining Jobs

So you want to get a mine job but you’ve got no experience? No worries! Get the information you need to grab yourself one of the hugely popular entry level mining jobs!

Welcome to Part 1 of Mining Jobs – Entry Level Mining Jobs

Australian Resources Sector and Mining Jobs

Future of Mine Jobs?

As the mines represent more than 8% of Australian GDP, it’s safe to say mining is big business. Over the next decade, in Western Australia alone, the mining industry is set to see the creation of tens of thousands of NEW mine jobs for both unskilled and semi-skilled workers as well as labourers (this does not include Queensland and the rest of the country!).

According to the Minerals Council of Australia, by 2020, the nation’s mining sector will require more than 86,000 extra workers (mostly tradespeople) to maintain market share in global commodities. Of this number, 50,000 of these workers will be required for Western Australian mine jobs (around 20,000 of these working in iron ore and 19,000 working in the coal mines).



Entry Level Mining Jobs

Mining Jobs, No Experience?

There are a variety of mining jobs that require no experience allowing employees to work their way up the chain to higher paying roles. One of the best ways to gain employment is to contact mining companies directly or relocate to one of the mining centers and search for a job in person.

Mining Jobs TOP TIP: In-experienced people have higher chances of scoring a on-site job than a fly-in fly-out contract.

Before beginning applications, get yourself ahead of the game by obtaining the HR-X truck license and ensuring you have a current drivers licence. Job seekers are also encouraged to complete the Mine Workers Health Surveillance test and the Mining and Resource Contractors Safety Training Association induction program. There are also some prerequisites needed for the role with entry level positions requiring applicants to have strong work ethic, English literacy, numeracy and technology skills, and pass fit-for-work tests (be of sound health).

Now that your ready to apply for a position, get familiar with what entry level mine mine jobs are available for those with no experience!

Mining Jobs #1

Truck Driver

Truck drivers have a higher starting salary than most mining jobs. Many mining companies do require previous experience for this position  so getting a truck license and a reference from someone who can vouch for your experience level can be a great step to nabbing the job! Truck drivers will perform tasks such as checking brakes, oil, tyres, electrical systems, water, hydraulics and air. In addition to transporting material between destinations, truck drivers will be responsible for loading and supervising the loading of materials onto trucks. Truck driving in the mines also includes work health and safety tasks like maintaining log books. If you are interested in a mine job as a truck driver, see by clicking here.

Mining Jobs #2

Driller’s Assistant

The driller’s assistant roles work within the mining, oil and gas sectors and is primarily responsible for moving, setting up and operating drilling rig equipment.  Other duties may include transportation of drilling rigs from sites, obtaining samples, cleaning pits and drains, testing drilling fluids, conducting maintenance and repairs and maintaining equipment, drill and drilling sites. For further information on the driller’s assistant role, click here.

Mining Jobs #3

Field Assistant

The role of field assistant includes making observations, collecting and analysing samples, recording information and performing various support functions in the field. Generally, field assistants work long hours in very remote locations. They will be responsible for ordering, checking, packaging and shipping all necessary equipment and supplies for field surveys as well as maintaining collections of rock, soil and water sample and maintaining a wide range of equipment. Check out the full list of duties and skills required for the mine job of field assistant here.

Mining Jobs #4


Labourers are also known as trade assistants, offsiders and apprentices. The one prerequisite for labourers is the requirement to be physically fit. Laborers in the mines might work as boilermakers assistants, fitters assistants, metal forgers assistants, metal moulders assistants or second-class workers. Duties may include welding, operation of power hammers, organisation of trades person tools and preparation of work surfaces. There is a lot of potential for internal promotions and the chance to increase skills from this ‘no experience’ entry level position. If you need more information on mine jobs as labourers click here.

Mining Jobs #5

Pit Technician

A pit technician provides a support role to mine site Geologists, Engineers and Geophysicists and aids in the finding and development of mineral resources. Pit technicians are responsible for the collection and transport of samples, assisting in geophysical surveys and are required to collage information collected from a range of sources such as geochemical sampling surveys, seismic survey and meteorological observation. To read more about the role of pit technician click here.

Mining Jobs #6

Shot Firer’s Assistant

The mining jobs of mining shot firer and tunneling shot firer  involve the assemble, positioning and detonation of explosives to break or dislodge rock and soil (or to demolish structures). Shot firers are required to have knowledge of the assembly and detonation of explosive materials. Other responsibilities can include implementation of work health and safety procedures to ensure regulations are met, insertion of detonators and charges into holes, connection and testing of the blasting circuit, inspection of detonated area to ensure all explosives have been detonated and safety clearances following all procedures. For more information on the mining job of shot-firer click here.

Have you got any advice for those looking for entry level mining jobs (mining jobs no experience)?!

Or are you yourself looking for a mining job? We’d love to have your input so please leave a comment below!

Also, stay tuned for Mining Jobs Part 2 – Where To Get A Mining Job for all the latest mining jobs Australia information, where to get a mine job and they types of positions available in the mines – to be available next Wednesday 22 May 2013!


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