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Marketing and Communication Skills — What You Need to Learn

A solid base of marketing and communication skills can make or break your career as a successful marketer.

Good base skills are important, as the fundamental role of marketers is basically communicating with customers — both existing and potential.

A marketer with good marketing and communication skills should have no problem in sending the right message to the right people, all while making them act, think, and feel in a specific way in terms of sales and marketing.

If you’re someone who’s interested in getting into marketing and communication, or is someone who’s already in the industry and is keen to learn more and develop their career, then this blog might be perfect for you!

Read on to know more about the marketing and communication skills you need to have and hone to set yourself up for a successful career.


Have Excellent Writing Skills

marketer writing copy for marketing campaigns

Right off the bat, one of the most important marketing and communication skills you need to have is great writing skills.

Marketing has so many areas for your writing skills — email, ad copy, press releases, blogs, sales collateral, newsletters, etc.

With heaps of areas, having excellent writing skills will not only enable you to produce quality content, but will also increase your value as a marketer, as each area requires a specific set of knowledge.

For example, writing blogs require you to have knowledge on SEO, writing email copy requires you to know the latest email trends for best results on deliverability and email open rate, and ad copy are heavily dependent on keywords and writing style should be persuasive and punchy.

Each marketing copy has its own goals and purpose, which is why having excellent writing skills can greatly help your ability to produce them and contribute to the business’s marketing efforts.


Great Public Speaking Skills

female marketing public speaker in front of audience

If you’re responsible for PR in your business, or have to deal with the press, speak at conferences or even present ideas internally to staff members, then one of the marketing and communications skills you must have is great public speaking.

Public speaking is not something everyone enjoys but with training, it does get easier.

If you know for yourself that public speaking isn’t one of your strengths, keep perfecting the craft and practice.

Don’t have someone to practice in front of? Record yourself and play it back until you learn how many ‘ums’ and ‘errs’ you need to remove from your sentences.

You’ll also be able to see if you sound and look confident in what you are saying and if your presentation is delivering the right message.


Being Tech Savvy

tech savvy marketers

Today’s marketing efforts are highly accompanied by tech that are able to assist in providing data, insights and numbers that are vital for a business’s marketing strategy.

Some software may even cull the time needed to do specific tasks — it just depends if you have the knowledge and skill to operate and manipulate the technology available today that may help you do your job as a marketer even better.

Being tech-savvy is an important marketing and communication skill to have, especially in today’s era of marketing — where you’ll absolutely make use of different kinds of hardware and software to make your life as a marketer easier.


Analytical Thinking Skills

marketing and communication skills - being an analytical thinker

Marketing requires heaps of research-based analysis in order to understand your target audience’s wants and needs.

Doing so helps you to prepare better marketing campaigns and strategise the best way to go for your business’s marketing efforts.

Marketers should be able to change course or react quickly based on new information, and should be able to draw logical conclusions based on the data they receive from their research and analysis.

Being an analytical thinker helps your business be adaptable to any emergencies that can prove to be detrimental to the company’s interests and goals.

How to Acquire These Marketing and Communication Skills?

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