Tips from Centenarians: How to Live A Longer Life

Tips from Centenarians: How to Live A Longer Life

What would you do if you lived past 100?

It’s not too far a stretch to say that a lot of people want to live forever. Many spend their lives looking for the mystery cure to aging, the magical fountain of youth. But what if the answer is simpler than we all think? The Australia Bureau of Statistics revealed that in 2012 there were more than 4250 centenarians (people living over 100) living in Australia!

Age Care Blog | Tips from Centenarians: How to Live a Longer Life


Live A Longer Life With These Tips From Centenarians

Here’s what a few centenarians have said when asked about how they got to live such long lives:

It’s What You Eat:Age Care Blog | Centenarians share their food habits

Harry Rosen, a 103-year-old from New York, USA says that the secret to his long life is going out and enjoying himself at his favourite city restaurant. He told the New York Times last year that “the food and the ambiance, it’s my therapy — it gives me energy” 1

But it’s not just fine dining and healthy eating that can increase your lifespan, 105 year-old, Pearl Cantrell credits her long life to a daily dose of bacon – 3 crispy slices to be exact. Like we needed more excuses to eat bacon!

Keep Working:

Think you’re sick of the daily grind now? Studies have shown that staying at work can contribute to a longer life – and it doesn’t even have to be a job that you love, though that would help! Just ask Irving Kahn, a 108-year-old who still works 5 days a week 9am to 5pm as an investment advisor. Khan says, “There are a lot of opportunities out there, and one shouldn’t complain, unless you don’t have good health” 2 Age Care Blog | Stay Young At Heart

Stay Young At Heart:

Don’t fall victim to the common idea that games and toys are just for kids!

One grandmother received a Nintendo DS on her 96th birthday and can’t get enough, she says playing games is the reason she doesn’t “feel a day over 80.” 3

Check out the video below:

Keep Moving:Age Care Blog | Keep Moving

Ok, so I know we’ve heard this one before, but it is absolutely true! Keeping active and getting plenty of sunshine and fresh air is so important to a long and health life. Last year Elsa Bailey celebrated her 100th birthday by tackling ski slopes, and she thanks her active, healthy lifestyle for her long life.4

One study says that just 75 minutes of brisk walking a week can add 1.8 years to your life. That’s just 11 minutes a day!

Hopefully now that we know a few tips and tricks from those with the experience, we can stress a bit less about how many candles will be on our next birthday cake and just enjoy eating it!


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