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Leadership Activities to Help Develop Your Team

Being a good leader doesn’t only mean that having good personal leadership characteristics is enough.

A leader or a manager is nothing without a good team because the team’s performance reflects the skills of a leader.

And to make a good team, a leader has to initiate several activities to stimulate and develop the skills of the team to achieve the goal smoothly.

Learn more about the types of leadership activities you can run with your team!

These can also be called leadership building activities — as these activities can also help build new leaders.

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Start with Ice Breakers Before You Run a Leadership Activity

ice breaker activity for team

It’s always almost necessary to start with an ice-breaking session before you conduct a leadership activity for your team.

This is your team’s way of getting to know each other initially and keeping a good vibe within the team.

Instruct your team to introduce themselves one by one. They can share anything about themselves with the team. Be mindful that everyone else, including yourself as the leader, must fully lend your ears to whoever’s introducing/sharing.

Listening attentively helps create a warm environment, which makes everyone feel comfortable when introducing or sharing something about themselves with others.

Starting with ice breakers helps clear the air and removes any trace of hesitation from everyone in terms of speaking out freely and being able to express themselves.


Aim to Build Mutual Trust and Respect Among Your Team

gaining trust and respect through leadership activities

As a team leader, one of your many responsibilities is to ensure there is a sense of mutual trust and respect present within your team.

A team will most likely consist of people with different age, gender, race, religion, etc. These types of differences should not matter when there’s mutual trust and respect within the team.

If you have a large team, proceed with creating smaller cross-teams. This enables them to get to know each other better and spend more time to improve their working relationship.

You can also switch it up once in a while and shuffle team members — all for the same purpose of building a better bond.


Undergo Survival Leadership Activities

team members chatting for activity

Critical thinking and creativity are important to sharpen your team’s mindset.

Divide the team into smaller groups and give them a hypothetical scenario where they need to work together in order to solve the problem at hand and survive as a team.

This type of leadership activity brings out the creativity among team members, as well as an indicator for future candidates for team leaders.

As the leader of the group, you can also use this to gauge your team’s mental strength and how they approach and solve certain situations placed before them.


Share and Talk About the Leaders You Admire

team talking about the leaders they admire

This leadership activity is pretty simple and straightforward. Gather your team and have them share and talk about the leaders they admire.

The team will most like have different leaders in mind — and that’s okay. Take note of the leaders they share and talk about and note the popular traits and qualities of that person, what are they known for, what they’ve done, etc.

Doing this activity will give you a clear picture of who your team looks up to, what ideologies they believe and value, and heaps more.

This is important as it will give you insight as a team leader on how to direct your team and get the best possible output from them.

Conversely, this is also an opportunity for team leaders to pick up or emulate good leadership qualities from different leaders — where your team members can absolutely relate to.


The “What If…”

team leader having one on one activity with team member

For this activity, you’ll have to go one-on-one with each of your team members.

During the one-on-one, ask them “what if” questions and pay attention to how they answer.

Questions you may ask can be “What if we lose a major deal because of you? How will you handle it?” or “What if someone else gets a promotion before you?

These types of questions will give you more insight about your team’s character, mindset, and motivations. This is important for you to know and keep in mind as you need to know your team on this level. It can sometimes spell the difference between a cohesive team from a mediocre one.


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