Latest Job Shortages in Melbourne and Victoria

Latest Job Shortages in Melbourne and Victoria

In Demand Jobs and Skills in Melbourne and Victoria

Wouldn’t it be great to know which jobs are the most in demand in your area?  After all, having that information would make finding your new career much easier!

Thanks to the latest employment survey data from the Australian Government you can do exactly that.

Hiring managers in Melbourne and the rest of Victoria were asked which positions they had the greatest difficulty in recruiting suitable candidates. Based on their responses, we now know which careers and industries are experiencing a skills shortage and are actively looking for more employees.

Find out what these positions are how you can apply for them by checking out the list of 5 in demand jobs with shortages or hiring difficulties below:

1. Child Care Centre Managers

Child Care Centre Managers in Melbourne are in ShortageThe demand for child care by Australian families has risen, creating the demand for qualified and experienced managers who can effectively run and ensure that facilities provide high quality services.

Management roles are one of the natural career paths if you want to get into higher positions in child care education.

Child care centre managers are in charge of the day to day operations of centre-based facilities. Part of their responsibilities includes creating development programs and directing childhood educators and other staff. Most importantly, they ensure that their facility follows the national quality standards when it comes to early childhood education.

Status: State-wide shortage with 1 in every 3 vacancies unfilled

Employment growth: Very Strong growth with 5,001 to 10,000 vacancies expected between 2013 and November 2018

How to Apply for these Jobs: You need at least the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care to be considered for manager or director positions in child care. This is the national standard when it comes to child care leadership positions. It teaches advanced skills like how to manage employees and ensure compliance to state and national regulations. Some employers also require a bachelor degree on top of the Diploma, usually depending on the size of their facility. If you want to be prioritised as a candidate by employers, make sure that you have the necessary qualifications and develop the experience to operate a child care centre.

Related Careers:  A popular career starting point is to become an Early Childhood Educator and earn extensive work experience in child care centres. Holding the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is the normal standard among educators because it is the minimum requirement to hold many roles in the child care industry. Once you have some experience, your employer may even encourage you to take further training in the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. This will allow you to move up to roles such as Group Leader on your way to becoming centre manager. It has the added benefit of helping your service comply with strict training standards for educators.

2. Surveyor

Melbourne needs more SurveyorsSurveyors are highly trained licensed professionals who use mathematical principles to design and revise maps for a wide variety of structures.

Their responsibilities include charting large areas of land, coastlines or even underground systems for land development and other uses. In many cases, they are the only ones legally allowed to perform cadastral or land surveys.

Employers in Victoria are particularly looking for locally qualified surveyors and those already with years of experience.

Status: State-wide shortage with less than 50% of all vacancies being filled

Employment growth: Strong growth with 5,001 to 10,000 openings from 2013 to November 2018

How to Apply for these Jobs: The most popular training background for surveyors is a bachelor degree in Surveying, Spatial Science, Geographical Information Systems and other related fields. After getting your degree, you will need to register with the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria and become licensed before you can practise inside the state. Their requirements include undergoing 360 days of supervised training in cadastral surveying and passing a Board exam.

Related Careers: If you can’t commit to a full time bachelor degree, you can take the pathway of becoming a Survey Assistant through certificate surveyor courses in a TAFE or RTO. This will give you experience in assisting senior surveyors like in operating equipment and recording measurements.

3. Midwife

Melbourne has a shortage of Midwives

Midwives provide care to women during their pregnancy and up until the actual labour and childbirth process.

Their most common tasks include monitoring the health of mothers and foetuses, helping obstetricians recognise signs of abnormality and giving advice on nutrition and child care.

Midwives are found in a wide variety of workplaces from hospitals and clinics to community centres and private residences. Hiring managers are particularly looking for midwives who can work full time positions in senior or leadership positions since many candidates only work part time.

Status: State-wide shortage with 58% of all vacancies unfilled

Employment Growth: Strong growth with 5,001 to 10,000 openings expected between 2013 and November 2018

How to Apply for these Jobs: The majority of midwives hold a bachelor degree in Midwifery which typically takes 3 years to complete, but you can also take up a double degree with Nursing. If you are already a registered or enrolled nurse, you can switch to being a midwife by taking up a postgraduate course that some employers prioritise over other qualifications. Clinical experience is also handy to be considered for vacancies for specialist roles like Neonatal Intensive Care that are particularly hard to fill.

Related Careers: Other health related jobs like Aged, Disability and Community Care are on the rise because of Australia’s ageing population. To start a career in this industry, you first need to undergo formal training such as the Certificate III in Aged Care or the Certificate III in Home and Community Care. Vocational placement is required in both of these courses which means that you will have actual work experience when you become qualified.

4. Motor Mechanic

Melbourne has a shortage of Motor Mechanics

Motor mechanics are experts on maintaining, repairing and testing internal combustion engines found in motor vehicles.

Their day to day responsibilities range from dismantling and putting back together faulty engines and their related components like steering and transmissions, to performing tune ups to improve performance.

Mechanics are in short supply and only less than half of all applicants in metropolitan areas met minimum qualification requirements. The proportion of qualified candidates was even lower for regional areas at only 20%.

Status: State-wide shortage with 39% of vacancies unfilled

Employment Growth: Steady growth with 25,001 to 50,000 openings expected from 2013 until November 2018

How to Apply for these Jobs: You can undergo an apprenticeship or a certificate training course in a wide variety of areas like Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis and several others to meet the qualifications of most mechanics who hold either a certificate III or IV qualification.  When you start applying for mechanic positions, make sure you give examples of your previous work and practise interview questions. Poor communication skills and a lack of demonstrated knowledge and experience are among the most common reasons why employers mark candidates as unsuitable.

Related Careers: Another option is to become an Automotive Electrician, which focuses on computer-based equipment and electrical wiring. They service more than just transportation vehicles, with mining, agricultural and other earthmoving equipment part of their expertise. An apprenticeship or Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology is a popular pathway because almost all workers in this position hold either a certificate III or IV qualification.

5. Chef

Melbourne has a shortage of Chefs

The responsibilities of chefs go beyond food preparation and cooking.

Chefs also plan the actual menus with managers, help select and train staff for their establishment and enforce regulations for proper work hygiene. They are different from Fast Food Cooks and Kitchen Hands who are categorised as Food Preparation Assistants.

Chefs for a wide variety of cuisine types from local Australian to French and from Asian to Italian are in demand, but employers say the vast majority of candidates for this position are unsuitable. Qualified chefs with at least 2-3 years experience are particularly prioritised for roles like general chef, demi chef and sous chef.

Status: Shortage in regional areas where 71% of vacancies are unfilled

Employment Growth: Very strong growth with more than 50,000 openings expected between 2013 and November 2018

How to Apply for these Jobs: Almost half of all chefs hold qualifications like the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery and the Certificate IV in Patisserie. These are the minimum training requirements of employers together with work experience for most roles. If you want to pursue higher sous chef positions,  you would also need experience managing kitchens which is what employers say many candidates lack.


Skills shortages are happening in many industries and regions across Victoria, including Melbourne.

This has created in demand job vacancies that employers are having difficulty filling. If you’re looking for new career opportunities, this is the ideal time to seek more education & training or “brush up” your current qualifications in order to apply for these open positions.

You can check out the complete list of hiring difficulties in Victoria and learn which qualities employers are looking for in candidates by visiting the Department of Employment website.

Once you’ve seen a job that interests you, find out what qualifications and experience you will need to get the job you want. Make your plan and start on your new career today!


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