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Did you know? Statistics show, on average, that people change careers between five and seven times in their life!

Now, when I say career I’m not talking about students changing jobs in the summer, or a retail employee swapping between department stores.  I am referring to a person who has completely changed profession direction, for example, a real estate agent moving to a bank teller position.

As switching careers becomes the norm, more Australians are turning to vocational training courses to rise above the competitive job market. If you find yourself similar to the large majority of students, you might find picking a new occupation or training course daunting to say the very least.

Research shows people predominately fall into one of four personality types; drivers, promoters, supporters or analysers.

Read on and find a job that suits your personality!

Find out which job suits your personality

Ambitious & Goal Oriented

If you are ambitious, independent and practical, you tend to fall under the category of ‘drivers’. As a driver, you are action oriented and results focused, but most of all, you are a born leader! You are also energetic and have a risk-taking personality meaning you thrive under pressure.

Drivers are best suited to a position that allows them to set goals, measure results and be in control of decision-making. Your focus is on the big picture meaning you tend to forget the details due to your overwhelming preference for results and task completion.

Career Options

1. Business Managers: Do you want to be in charge? With your problem solving and decision-making skills, drivers make fantastic business managers. Completing a qualification like the diploma of management is a perfect match for your personality.

2. Sales Representatives: With your natural leadership tendency, you have excellent communication skills. Couple this with your energetic nature and a career in sales is your ideal job! If you’re interested in completing a vocational training course, stay tuned for Inspire’s upcoming brand new marketing course launch.

3. Marketing: Marketing is an extremely versatile profession. With your talent for technology and drive to reach goals this career is well suited. For those interested in marketing, stay tuned for Inspire’s upcoming brand new marketing course launch!

Socialites & People Persons

As a socialite, you thrive in the presence of others and are relationship-orientated. If you identify with these traits, you are most likely a ‘promoter’. Promoters are often charming and persuasive people and unlike drivers (who are task focused), are people focused with an approachable and warm nature.

Study vocational courses and find out which jobs suit your personality

Promoters work to their full potential in-group situations and possess the leadership skills required to take control. Promoters also have a tendency to be competitive with their ideal careers allowing them to work with a variety of different people.

Careers Options

1. Human Resources and Recruitment Positions: Do you want it all? Your most suited job is within human resource management. HR allows you to bring your enthusiasm, eagerness, empathy and genuine concern for people to the table.

2. Public Relations: Put your winning communication and presentation skills to the test in the exciting world of public relations! PR has a heavy focus on the creation and maintenance of relationships (a role you were born to do!). If you are interested in public relations, stay tuned for Inspire’s upcoming brand new marketing course launch.

3. Sales: With your ability to creatively communicate, influence and persuade others, a career in sales is your calling! Your optimism, ability to see the big picture and productivity makes you naturally suited to this career. Plus, you get to spend all day interacting with others – something your personality thrives on! For those interested in sales, stay tuned for Inspire’s upcoming brand new marketing course launch.

4. Marketing: With presentation skills and communication abilities like no other, a career in marketing is well suited. Stay tuned for Inspire’s upcoming brand new marketing course launch!

5. Retail: As a promoter, you are stylish and optimistic. Enter the world of retail through a business management or business administration course!

If you

If you’re a people person, you will thrive with a career in marketing or human resources!

Helpers and Carers

If you find yourself well suited to most social situations, are a great organiser and very family-oriented, then you are most likely a ‘supporter’. As a supporter, you dislike sudden change and prefer routine. You hate to let others down and are extremely helpful both in the workplace and in your personal life. Supporters have a tendency to get on well with others.

Ideally, your perfect career involves people, service and information (due to your factual, rather than intuitive nature).

Career Options

1. Administration and Customer Service Roles: Supporters have incredible focus and concentration. If you want to be on the front line of a business, administration and customer service is your calling! Inspire has a number of business administration courses you will love.

2. Project Managers: Do you want to enter the exciting and rewarding world of project management? With your natural organisation talents and attention to detail project management is the perfect job. Inspire offers both the Cert IV Project Management and diploma of project management depending on your current experience and future career goals.

3. Aged Care and Personal Assistant: Your caring nature and commitment to work sees many supporters enter the health profession. With Australia’s aged care and home and community care industries set to triple, why not consider a future in health? Read more about aged care courses.

4. Education: Do you want to make a difference in someone’s life? Improving the education of Australians across the country is an extremely rewarding career and one of your most suited jobs. If you prefer to work with adults as a vocational trainer, the cert IV training and assessment course is ideal. Alternative, if you would love to work with children as an education support aid, stay tuned for Inspire’s brand NEW Cert III in Education Support course.

5. Childcare: Become an integral part of children’s lives as a childcare assistant, nanny, playgroup supervisor or family day care worker. Additionally, with a huge demand for childcare workers in the current market, early childhood education is a great profession. Check out the range of child care courses offered at Inspire.

Are you an analyser? Get the perfect career in Business Management with Inspire!

Are you an analyser? Get the perfect career in Business Management with Inspire!

Intellects and Technology Lovers

Do you focus on the details and facts? Do you strive for accuracy? Do you identify as a perfectionist? If your answer was yes, you are an ‘analyser’.

Being an analyser, you are task-oriented (as opposed to the relationship-oriented promoter). You prefer to get things right the first time instead of repeating tasks. It is important your responsibilities and requirements be clear to you in the beginning. Because of this, you find you work best in a solitary environment as opposed to group settings.

Career Options

1. Bookkeeping and Accounting: With your tendency for detail and task-orientation, a job within the finance profession like bookkeeping or accounting is fitting. Find out more about bookkeeping courses here.

Study with Inspire Education and discover your ideal career

Get your ideal career with Inspire Education!




2. IT and Business Positions: If your talented with technology, you might find yourself most suited to the business world, in particular a business management courses or business administration course.

3. Scholars: Many teachers use our cert IV training and assessment fast track course to upgrade their teaching qualification to that of a trainer ASAP!

If you are currently in the job search, I wish you all the best and if you are looking for a new career, remember to check out our training course page to see the latest courses on offer with Inspire Education.


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