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Is it Time for a Career Change?

It’s a new year! After almost two years living through a pandemic, is it time for a career change?

Have you burnt yourself out trying to juggle family and work commitments and want a work-life balance? Have you been working on the tools for so long you’ve broken your body and need a break? Do you want to share your work experience with the next generation of workers? Do you want to improve your work options and gain extra skills for your current job?

Have you Thought About Becoming a Trainer and Assessor?

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The average trainer assessor salary in Australia is $98,037 per year or $50.28 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $81,000 per year, while most experienced trainer assessors make up to $117,000 per year.

Many people who become Trainer and Assessors have qualifications in their chosen field and are looking for further education to future-proof their careers.

Imagine a nurse who has been working in an emergency department for 20 years and no longer wants to work night shifts as they’ve injured their back and are exhausted. Or a builder who has been on the tools for 30 years and is nearing retirement. They want to pass on their years of experience and skills to the next generation of builders.

There are plenty of reasons why our students want to become a Trainer and Assessor.

Steve Supel, TAE Trainer at Inspire, loves working in the VET sector.

“Working in the VET sector is great if you love your industry and genuinely want to make a difference to how your industry evolves. It can be quite exhausting working as a teacher/trainer but so is running a marathon.”

“The reward comes when you can see positive results for your effort and determination. In my present role, I am lucky enough to meet people from all walks of life and to assist them in achieving the next milestone in their lives.”

To learn more about how a day in the life of a TAE trainer is like, click here.

Where Can a TAE Qualification Take You?

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Having a qualification as a Trainer and Assessor, can take you places. You can apply for jobs as a TAFE teacher, instructional designer, workplace trainer and assessor, vocational education teacher or even start your own training business.

The adult education sector has strong future growth and highly skilled trainers and assessors are sought after. You’ll be able to work in a range of industries to update your resume and widely expand your job options.

You’re the Right Person

Do you have an interest to teach, train and empower others? Do you value knowledge and enjoy sharing that knowledge? Do you respect people and want to see them succeed? Do you want to pass on your knowledge and skills and enjoy training others? Then this is the career change for you!

“The industry needs people who are motivated, outgoing, positive and energetic people that see the cup half full… people who are sociable, dedicated to their industry areas, are non-judgemental and are able to communicate well in groups and one-on-one situations are the right people for the job.” – Steve Supel

What We Offer

Training and Assessment Courses are Inspire Education’s ‘flagship’ qualifications. We deliver adult learning TAE courses to individuals, small businesses, government organisations and corporate clients right across Australia! We run regular TAE courses and workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Our most popular course is the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. You’ll learn how to design and develop learning programs to suit your industry and facilitate learning in the workplace. You’ll also develop powerful delivery skills for training in an organisation, one-on-one instruction and in a class. You’ll create real life and simulated workplace assessments.

Whether you study your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course with us online, or at one of our unique face-to-face workshops – successful completion will mean you’re able to train and assess accredited training in your area of expertise. Our classrooms will teach you the skills needed and provide research opportunities that will help you to check your competency in a safe and supportive environment.

Diploma of Training Design and Development

The Diploma of Training Design and Development is also a popular course. You’ll gain specialist skills in elearning, evaluate training programs and enhance your advanced assessor skill set. Not only will you design and develop assessment tools, but also develop learning strategies and conduct organisation training needs and analyses.

Our Trainers and Assessors are Industry Experts

Our trainers are specialists in their own fields and have years of experience as trainers and assessors. You’ll have access to the very best support and learning material to help develop and gain the right knowledge and skills.

You’ll also have access to further information via a range of channels, like phone, email and our student portal. Our trainers know exactly what’s expected to help you succeed.

What Our Students Have Said

One of our graduates, who completed the course for his job, appreciated how much he learned throughout the course and assessment process. He told Steve:

“I can’t believe I haven’t been doing what you have shown me! The change in the attitude and performance of my staff has been amazing. They are happy, their productivity has increased and they now feel a part of the business. This is all because I changed my approach to training and communicating with them.”

What are You Waiting For?

Start 2022 the right way. Enrol in one of our training packages today and never look back. Complete a certificate or diploma, achieve that higher level qualification, update your resume and see where it takes you!

Want More Information?

Find out which TAE course is perfect for you. Visit our Training and Assessment Courses page on our website by clicking here. Or call us on 1800 506 509 to speak to one of our experienced enrolment coordinators. New year, new you!

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