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How to Start Your Own Family Day Care

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Do you like caring for children, but want to work from home?

Start your own family day care business and do both!

Child care is now one of Australia’s biggest and most important industries, with more than 1.1 million children attending child care services.  That’s a massive 39% increase in attendance since only 2008!

There has been rapid growth in the number of child care services to meet the growing demand from parents. The cost of childcare has also increased significantly. Despite the growing number of places and increases in cost, many centre-based child care services still have long waiting lists.

Setting up your own Family Day Care business can be a way to offer parents home-based care as an alternative to centre-based care. At the same time, you can operate your own business, from home, working with children.

How do you get started?

Step 1: Get Qualified!
Step 2: Understand the Family Day Care Requirements and Regulations
Step 3: Apply for a License and Get Approval
How much is the salary of family day care operators?
Where can I learn more about becoming a provider?

Step 1: Get Qualified!

First make sure that you’re qualified.

The minimum qualification required to operate and work in your own family day care business is the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care or equivalent. You don’t actually need to complete your training before you get started. You simply need to be enrolled and actively working towards your qualification. Of course, it is still best to complete your training as soon as possible!

You can also continue your training with diploma level qualifications like the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. This will help you develop additional skills like establishing a safe environment for children and how to facilitate your day care’s compliance with Australian regulations. It is not essential to run your own family day care service, but it will allow you to pursue jobs such as Family Day Care Coordinator in the future. Family Day Care Coordinators monitor, support and train other in-home care providers.

First aid is another skill that all educators and even assistants in family day care must have. You will complete the first aid unit HLTAID004Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting as part of your Certificate III or Diploma qualification, but you also need additional training in anaphylaxis and emergency asthma management. These courses can be taken through any RTO in Australia like Australia Wide First Aid.

All these qualifications are sought after by the entire child care industry, not just in family daycare. This means that you will have the flexibility to work in start your own family day care business OR work in a centre-based care service. Eventually, you can even become a Family Day Care Coordinator or Child Care Centre Manager once you have experience and earn your diploma-level qualification.

Step 2: Understand the Family Day Care Requirements and Regulations

cubes with numbers - toys found in a family day care facilityWhen you start a Family Day Care business, you will be teaching and caring for children in your own home. Therefore your home needs to be checked for safety and suitability every year. Some examples of the resources and regulations your facility should have or  follow are:

  • Indoor rooms that are well ventilated with natural light and a safe temperature
  • Outdoor areas enclosed with a barrier to keep children from leaving unsupervised
  • Glassed areas must be glazed or blocked to prevent injury from shattering
  • A first aid kit accessible to adults present
  • A telephone or any other immediate communication method to contact parents and emergency services
  • Additional precautions must be taken to remove potential hazards to children
  • Everyone 18 years or older who lives at your home must be fit and proper to be around children

While providing your services, you must make sure that:

  • You only care for a maximum of 7 children at a time, with a maximum of 4 children preschool age or under in the group
  • Children have enough supervision and are not left alone with visitors or leave your home without an authorised person
  • Children are not exposed to tobacco, illicit drugs or alcohol and have access to nutritious food and safe drinking water
  • Corporal punishment or other unreasonable discipline methods are not used
  • You follow sound health and hygiene practices

You must have policies, procedures and records, including:

  • Evacuation and medical emergency procedures
  • Records of each child’s enrolment, attendance and medication
  • Documentation of child assessments under your educational program
  • Log of all visitors to your home and any incidents, illnesses or injuries that happen

A list of these requirements, named the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations can be found online at the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) website. You can check if you have everything you need by downloading the official regulatory requirements for family day care.

Step 3: Apply for a License and Get Approval

To get government approval to open and manage your own family day care service, you will need to apply for approval from your state regulator. Each state and territory may have its own set of requirements and criteria, but applications are all done online through ACECQA’s NQA IT System.

View the locally-specific requirements for your area by visiting your state childcare regulator below:

How much is the salary of family day care operators?

Based on the latest Government reports, the median cost of having a child attend family daycare for 50 hours a week is $375. That works out to between $7 and $8 per hour per child. Actual rates may vary from $6 to $10 depending on your location. This means if you have the maximum 7 children in your care for 50 hours per week you can gross approximately $2625 in salaries per week.

However! There are expenses to consider:

  • Administration costs
  • Bookkeeping & accounting fees
  • Cleaning & laundry
  • Maintenance
  • Electricity & gas
  • Home inspections by Family Day Care Coordinators
  • Insurance policies
  • Alterations of your home required to provide a safe environment for children
  • Nutritious food & drink
  • Nappies for babies and young children
  • Play equipment and other stimulating activities
  • Pest control
  • Rent (if you rent and a specific portion of your property is set aside for family day care activities)
  • Telephone & internet
  • Wages for relief educators
  • Professional development activities like workshops, conferences and seminars
  • Don’t forget, you need to pay yourself superannuation and factor in your sick days and holidays!

Plus, there are many other factors to think about. For example, some parents may require less than 50 hours per week of care. You may not feel comfortable caring for 7 children and choose to work with a smaller group. You may choose to only provide care on a part-time basis to enjoy a better work-life balance.

However, starting your own family day care business is a great way to work from home, have more control over your work and hours, provide care the way you want to (within regulations) and still earn a comfortable income!

Where can I learn more about becoming a provider?

If you do not have a nationally accredited childcare qualification, enquire here on the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care page to get complete course information or to speak with an Enrolment Coordinator.

Inspire Education uses premium CHC30113 training materials and CHC50113 training materials to help you get the best educational outcomes so you are prepared to deliver safe, quality care services to children in your family daycare service.

You can visit the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority to learn more on how you can be an approved provider.

If you need help setting up and running your own family day care service, check out Family Day Care Australia and ask about their services.


Family day care is often the preferred option for parents who are looking for less expensive care with more flexible hours. This means you can start your own family daycare and provide essential care services from your own home instead of working in a centre-based service.

To do this, you need an early childhood qualification, an appropriate venue and proper systems to take of children. These will be used to approve your registration as a child care provider.

Australia needs a hand in educating its youngest citizens. This is one way you can help while also enjoying the benefits of running your own home business.

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  • Day Care Centres says:

    First of all plan about the child future and then admit him in a learning center. Visit the Learning center and then take decision. Cherry Bridge Station provide all the facilities like alll your want and a healthy and growing child is required.

  • Day Care Centres says:

    Family is care start with the early morning by making breakfast and care with a lots. Care is important in case of children and kids. They always take care in every step.

  • Ropes Crossing Child Care says:

    Hi , I start my family day care woth the breakfast and then io sent my kids to the school. After that i go to my office and start work I am worried about my child and i want to grow my child in the every field like health, education.

  • Lubna kamar el define says:

    I need to enroll for family day care course

  • Tracey says:

    hi, i have just registered as a fdc educator and have been told that they max payrate from the government is
    $ 4 per child, per hour and that the parents pay the gap of $ 3 per child, per hour? Out of the $ 4 my agent takes $ 1 ? is this standard prices? Thanks

    • Kusum says:

      Hi . I have done teacher assistant course certificate 3 from Tafe. Can I open family day care in home. Could you please let me know. Where do I contact to find out.Thanks Kusum.

  • Noma jackson says:

    Hi, I have done bsc nursing,is this qualification is enough to open a day care in my home,please help me with an answer.Thanks Noma.

    • Joshua says:

      Hi Noma. You’ll need to have an early childhood qualification to manage and work in a child care facility. Kindly enquire here so our Enrolment Coordinator can get in touch with you to discuss.

  • Kesia Faimalie says:

    Hi my name is Kesia and I came across your website with such a passion to have contacted you this way. I currently hold a Certification of Qualification in Early Childhood Teaching, along with my diploma and registration. I have been working for 14 years in a small community-based center based in Auckland, New Zealand.

    I was just wondering how I could receive more information about this as I am really interested in starting up a center of my own.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Kind regards,

    • Joshua says:

      Thanks for your interest, Kesia. The first thing to do is check ACECQA’s wesbite to know if your certificate is listed among the child care certificates accredited in Australia. ACECQA is the government body that approves the qualifications for the child care industry in Australia. You can also send us an enquiry here so you can claim your Infopack about our Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care course and so our Enrolment Coordinator can get in touch with you.

  • Jane auma langoya says:

    I need to do a family day care at home looking after children at home direct with the government no under providers.

    • Joshua says:

      Hi Jane. Before you start your own family day care, make sure to have first the required qualification for working in child care. Please enquire here to know more about the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & Care.

  • Christina Akol says:

    I was wondering if you can help me to open my own family day car

    • Joshua says:

      Hi Christina. Before you start working in child care and before you start your own family daycare centre, you have to have first an accredited child care qualification. Please enquire here so our Enrolment Coordinator can get in touch with you to discuss.

  • Nahid Akhter says:

    Hi I have completed my Certificate three in children’s services and currently half way through my Diploma. I want to know how I can start my FDC. Could you please let me know how I can start the process.

    Thank you.

  • Tame says:

    I am interested in opening a family day care. Apparently the qualifications requirements to open family day care has change to diploma from the 01/10/2017. Is that true?

  • Adi says:

    I want to open my own day care but I’m looking to look after only two babies for now .

    Is there a minimum number of children to look after ?
    Do we have to go through an agency or can we directly open one ?

    Thank you

  • Brian McNulty says:

    Hello my property is completely setup for family day care I am looking to lease it for someone to run that is looking at doing family day care but has not got the facilities

    • Deborah Joseph says:

      Hi Brian!

      My name is Deborah, and I’m an early childhood teacher. I’m looking for a suitable place to run my day care service from and would love to get in touch with you. Could we discuss the possibility of me looking at your place and leasing it if it works out? And how do I get in touch with you? Thanks, would love to hear from you soon!

    • Joanne says:

      Hi Brian ,

      This is Joanne ,
      I have interest in your property to lease.
      If it is still available could you please contact me on my email? so we can go on further discussion.
      Thank you so much.

      Kind regards.

    • Mandy says:

      Where is ur location?

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