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How to Get Motivated to Study: The Tips You Need to Get Started!

Let’s face it, studying, particularly online courses, can be really tough. Especially if you’re doing it in the comfort of your home.

Imagine a fine afternoon, binge-watching your favourite show, munching on your go-to snack — yup, that would definitely sound like a perfect afternoon.

However, deep down you know you should be studying. In an online setting, it’s so easy to just binge-away and drop whatever you have to do for your online class, most especially if you’re not that motivated.

Sometimes, it just boils down to whether you feel like studying at the moment or not.

So, how to get motivated to study? How can you get started and make the most out of your online course?

Go ahead and read on to learn more about tips on how to get motivated to study and get things going!


1. Remember Why You’re Studying in the First Place

motivated woman with laptop taking online classes

Was it to effectively change careers? Acquire new skills and knowledge? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to upskill to increase your current salary?

Whatever the case, you started to take an online course for a reason.

Remember why you started to do the course. Sometimes, reminding yourself why can give you the boost you just need to keep going.

There will be times when you feel like not paying too much attention to your trainer — and that’s perfectly normal, everyone has those days.

However, if you find yourself loafing around too much, this might not help you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Remind yourself that you need to finish this course — a better career, newfound skills and knowledge, or a better salary awaits once you do.


2. Start Now to Finish your Course Sooner!

If you start your online course now, you’ll be able to finish it sooner.

How does this motivate you to study?

Ultimately, completing your course sooner would bring you heaps of advantages and would bring you to your goals faster.

If you have your own goals set and are keen on achieving them, then finishing early is something to look forward to.

Until then, save the final season of your favourite show, or put your favourite PC games on the side until you complete your course.

Being less distracted and more focused on studying can greatly improve your chances of finishing your course sooner.


3. Reward Yourself

woman rewarding herself with rest to get more motivated to study

Submitted a requirement ahead of time? Had good results on a previous test? Go on and reward yourself, you deserve it!

Another form of motivating yourself to study and do better is by rewarding yourself.

It doesn’t have to be anything grand, but it should be good enough for you to look forward to.

Take a relaxing walk after a day in class, or treat yourself and munch on that burger you’ve always wanted to try out.

Reward yourself with whatever you feel like having — just make sure it helps you want to study even harder!


4. Don’t Let Your Studies Take Over Your Life!

When you start an online course, it can take you up to 6-12 months to complete.

During this period, it can feel like your course is all-important — which shouldn’t be the case.

Have time to see friends and family, to go out and do recreational activity and exercise.

Learn to balance your studies with your personal life to keep your mind and body healthy. This is truly important to keep you motivated and focused throughout your studies.


5. Try Different Approaches in Your Study and Stick to What Works

man taking online course seriously and is highly motivated to study

People have different preferences, strengths, and weaknesses when it comes to study habits. Find yours and stick to what works and veer away from what doesn’t.

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Are you able to study with minimal noise in the background or do you require complete silence? Do you need to have a full stomach before studying or can you go without a bite? Do you prefer studying alone or with company?

Do whatever works for you and this can help motivate and improve your focus when it comes to your online course studies.

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