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How to Become a Hairdressing and Beauty Therapist Trainer in Australia

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How to Become a Hairdressing and Beauty Therapist Trainer in Australia

If you have a talent for making others look more beautiful, why not make it a career?

Jobs in both hairdressing and beauty therapy are on the rise, according to the Department of Employment.  In fact, there is currently a shortage of hairdressers in Australia’s metropolitan areas where 40% of job openings were left unfilled in 2014. Similarly, up to 25,000 vacancies are expected to open up for beauty therapists during the five year period until November 2018.

With the right training and experience, you can fill this demand and even advance your career further by being qualified to train others to do the same. How?

Hairdresser and Beauty Therapist or Beautician Training

Becoming qualified is an important step for any job seeker and hairdressers are no exception.

The majority of hairdressers at 74.7% hold qualifications like the Certificate III in Hairdressing. This is Australia’s standard for hairdressing jobs that covers services such as haircuts, colouring, scalp treatments and many others. You may also be required to spend time as an apprentice hairdresser depending on your state or territory.

Advanced courses like a certificate IV are available if you want to learn more specialised techniques. You can also choose to complete a Diploma of Hairdressing Salon Management to learn more in depth skills on how to open up and manage your own salon.

The road to become a beautician is a bit more varied since you can choose among many beauty related courses. This includes the Certificate III in Beauty Services which teaches you practical skills related to nail technology, make up, cosmetic products and other beauty treatments.

The Diploma of Beauty Therapy teaches you a wider range of beauty treatments, how to work effectively in retail and coordinate work teams. Entering a diploma level course allows you to specialise in areas like Relaxation Massage and Spa Therapy as well.

These qualifications are important when applying for job vacancies and to move to higher positions as a qualified trainer. Having a variety of qualifications means having more options since you can only train and assess in your field of expertise.

To see where you can take up hairdressing and beauty therapy courses near your location, click here. For beauty therapy courses, click here.

Hairdressers, Beauty Therapists and Trainers in AustraliaHow to Become a Qualified Trainer with the Cert IV TAE

What happens after you earn your qualification and gain industry experience?

It’s time to share your professional expertise and pass on your skills by becoming a trainer or even starting your own training business.

The national requirement for licensed trainers is the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. You become eligible to teach all the other courses you’ve completed once you hold this qualification and have recent and related work experience.

For example, if you hold the Cert IV in Salon Management and the Cert IV TAE, you can become a trainer and assessor for both the Cert IV in Salon Management and the Cert IV TAE. This means that you can now pursue new opportunities in the training sector and get into a career delivering courses in registered training organisations or TAFEs.

Important: Currency is big aspect of becoming a qualified trainer. Make sure your qualifications and industry experience are recent and your skills are up to date.

Click here to learn more about training and assessment qualifications, job descriptions, the state of the industry, and more.

Salary of Hairdressers, Beauty Therapists and Trainers in Australia

The median weekly salary for full time hairdressers across Australia was $850 in 2013. For beauty therapists, the median wage per week was $758.

Holders of the Cert IV TAE can apply for training related positions like a Training Coordinator which has a median weekly salary of $1,320. This depends on your experience and on which industry you enter.

Career Guide Summary

Your first step to take advantage of the demand for hairdressers and beauticians is to get qualified.  Take up formal qualifications like the Certificate III in Beauty Services and Diploma of Salon Management. Afterwards, complete the Cert IV  TAE to become a licensed trainer and advance your career.

Australia doesn’t only need more hairdressers and beauty therapists, but also trainers to teach in various industries. These qualifications will enable you to do both.

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  • Virgilia Sanchez says:

    I would like to study hair dressing how can I be one of them, which school do I need to go to.

    • Luke Imbong Luke Imbong says:

      Hi Virgilia!

      You have a lot of choices for where you can study the Cert III in Hairdressing. For starters, you can check out the TAFE institutes and private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in your state. Many training organisations in New South Wales and other states offer the course for either full time or part time study. You can check out this list of RTOs that teach hairdressing to look at your options.

      It’s up to you where you want to study, but it would be a good idea to check what exactly the course provider will give you. After all, you want to make sure you actually get a quality education that will help you bring you closer to your goals right? You can ask questions like how much support will their trainers give, what their learning materials are like and how much control do you have regarding your study time.

      I wish you good luck on your studies!


  • Jacqui says:

    I’m currently working as a hairdresser and I am looking for something different rather than working on the floor. What are my chances if l go into being trained up as a hairdressing tutor? I was trained as a hairdresser from the U.K and my qualifications will be different to Australian standard.
    I will be grateful if you can advise me on this.

    • Luke Imbong Luke Imbong says:

      Hi Jacqui! You need to hold the actual Certificate III in Hairdressing (or a similar nationally accredited course) along with the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to become a qualified trainer. This is because you are only allowed to train for qualifications that you already have.

      What is the name of your UK qualification? It will be helpful to look up nationally accredited courses in Australia and see how your own qualification matches up to them. For example, here are the course units for the Certificate III in Hairdressing. Does it have any similarities with your previous qualification? Do you have the same set of skills? Or are you already doing related tasks in your current job?

      It’s important to answer these questions because you might be able to gain Recognition of Prior Learning for your previous work and educational experiences. This allows you to gain the Cert III in Hairdressing faster by getting credited for your existing skills.

      I hope that helps, Jacqui!

    • Simone Catania says:

      Hi, i am also a trained hairdresser from the uk with city guilds master certificates with a level 4 teacher training cert.. would i be allowed to teach with this?

      • Luke Imbong Luke Imbong says:

        Hi Simone! Qualifications from abroad like the ones you have aren’t enough to become a fully qualified trainer, but they will still help you greatly. Australia is strict on who can deliver nationally accredited courses, like those for Hairdressing, so you need to hold formal qualifications to get into training roles. The good news is, you can gain recognition for your past education and even your work experiences to decrease the number of units you have to take to gain your certificate in hairdressing or in training and assessment. This is called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and it depends heavily on how much evidence you can provide.

        If you’d like to get more details about becoming a qualified trainer through RPL, you can enquire and send us a message on the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment page to claim a free course infopack and allow our Enrolment Coordinator to contact you 🙂

  • Sebastian says:

    I’m currently in Germany but I would love to come to Australia to live and work there, how are my chances as a foreigner to come and teach hairdressing and colouring? I’m 31 yrs old and have 15 years of experience, got a Master of Color from Wella, different trainings by Toni&Guy and trainings in leadership and salon management I also trained apprentices for over 10 years.

    • Luke Imbong Luke Imbong says:

      Hi Sebastian! It sounds like you have heaps of experience already. This will certainly help you out and many employers will be interested if they are looking for experienced workers and managers.

      As a foreigner, you still need to gain formal qualifications to start work in Australia. For example, the nationally accredited course for hairdressing is the Certificate IV in Hairdressing. Most employers require job candidates to hold this qualification or a similar course before accepting them as an employee.

      Trainers also have their own course, the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. You need both courses if you want to train and teach accredited hairdressing courses.

      The good news is, you may be able to use your work experience and education in Germany to gain these qualifications. When you enrol in your course, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the units you feel you are already competent in. If your application is accepted, you can reduce the number of units you have to study.

      RPL relies heavily on evidence so make sure you can compile documents that prove your competence like work reports, supervisor feedback, training records, etc.

      If you have more questions about RPL, please feel free to send us a message by enquiring on the Cert IV TAE page so that our Enrolment Coordinator can reach out to you.

  • Almas kazi says:

    Hello Jacqui, I am starting on a level III course in hair dressing, from the Gold coast academy in Brisbane,
    i want to do my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in a years time. I am on a students Visa.
    I have twenty years of experience in the hair styling field, and its been my dream to be a hair educator.
    please do let me if i may be able to my certificate IV in TAE.

  • Sherese says:

    Hi Luke,I am a qualified Beauty Therapist,and I am very interested to become a Beauty Tutor (educator) I have my International diploma in Beauty through ITEC.(In South Africa but is recognized abroad)What do I need to do to become a educator in the beauty field.Do I have to do a course.And if I do where do I sighn up?

  • Sherese says:

    I live in Perth Australia now.

  • Jackie Collison says:

    I have just finished and received my certificate for Cert IV Training and Assessment from you.
    How do I now progress to become and educator in beauty if I have the relevant beauty qualifications?
    Also, how do I get a RTO number?

    Regards, Jackie

    • Luke Imbong Luke Imbong says:

      Hi Jackie! Congratulations on gaining your Cert IV TAE 🙂

      The RTO number isn’t given to individuals, so you don’t need it unless you plan to put up your own business. There’s no need to register as long as you have the Cert IV TAE. Since you now have qualifications in training and beauty therapy, you can start applying for positions in TAFEs and RTOs that deliver beauty courses. Search for roles that may be called RTO Trainer & Assessor, VET Teacher, and other similar terms to get an idea of the jobs you are now eligible to apply in as a candidate.

  • Dee says:

    How long can I be out of the hairdressing industry to take on certain IV in TAE? I would like to do it after I come off maternity leave

  • Kayla Brock-O'Hara says:

    What courses do hairdressing and Beauty Therapy together cause i want to become a hairdresser and a Beauty Therapy

  • Veronica Jane Frost says:

    I am already qualified to be a trainer and hold an Advanced Diploma in Beauty Therapy. Where might you suggest i look to find beauty therapy training jobs?

  • BECKY says:


    I am looking to come to Perth from England, but have to have a sponsor.

    I currently work in education, teaching beauty therapy in a college and have done for 10 years.

    I hold NVQ level 3 beauty therapy, Level 4 teaching qual, certificate in internally verifying and certificate in assessing.

    would I be able to gain employment in Tafe’s or beauty schools in Perth with these qualifications?


    • Joshua says:

      Hi Becky. You may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning. It’s best to look for a training provider that offers Beauty Therapy courses.

  • Lisa says:

    I have over 32 years experience in Hairdressing 11 of those owning an award winning salon.
    I have completed my Cert IV TAE and hold Cert III in hairdressing.
    My passion is now to teach hairdressing at TAFE ,however in NSW they say they require Cert IV Hairdressing as well.
    Are there other ways or organisations I can train and assess without Cert IV Hairdressing.

  • Gillian says:

    Hi just wondering if my teaching qualifications are recognized in australia. I am nabtet and habia qualified and also have my city and guilds teaching diploma? Thanks

    • Joshua says:

      Hi Gillian. It may be best to contact NABTET, HABIA, and City and Guilds first about the countries and regulators that recognise the qualifications they award. To enquire about the Australian qualification for Training and Assessment, you may visit the TAE40116 course page here.

  • Ana Sisilia Robanakadavu. says:

    I had completed my Beauty therapy course Diploma. Internationally worked in various country including lLondon based cruise ships… far as Qatar & now i am currently in Saudi Arabia’s largest Beauty & Cosmetology Academy….. as a trainer.
    I believe & urge that i need to do an online train the trainers course if there in any or any course to comprehends my status currently…… or even as an upgrade.
    Please assist me accordingly as this so vitally of importance.

    I am so looking forward to the earliest!!

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