How long does the Cert IV in Training and Assessment take to complete?

How long does the Cert IV in Training and Assessment take to complete?

Cert IV TAE Course Duration

August 24, 2017 Update! The new TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course is now open for enrolments! Please click here to get complete course information. If you already hold the TAE40110, click here to upgrade to the TAE40116.

How long will it take me to complete the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment?”

This is a common question among TAE40110 students who are concerned about the duration of their course. If you’re looking to start a new career or advance your current one, then you probably want to gain this qualification as soon as you can as well.

So how long will it take? That depends largely on you.

According to the My Skills government website, the average course duration advertised by training providers is around 13 weeks or 3 to 4 months. We make a conservative estimate of 610 hours work required for completion of the course, equal to around 16 weeks of full time study, or 12 hours a week of study over 12 months.

The actual length of your course largely depends on you. For example, if you have previous experience as a trainer or assessor, then you’re probably already familiar with the course and do not need to study everything again. You may even gain credit for one or more course units through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and only need to complete certain assessments to gain your new qualification. In this situation it may take you significantly less than 610 hours to finish your course.

If you are completely new to this industry, allow yourself more time to study the Learner Guides, undertake additional research as needed and complete the assessment tasks. Remember you need to do practical training delivery for some of your assessments, so factor in the time taken to organise and complete those (we recommend planning these well in advance so you have everything ready and can complete all your assessments before the course end date).

Either way, you will have trainers available to respond to questions and help you progress through the course.

Online vs Face to Face

How you choose to study the course can also affect how long it takes you to complete the course.

The Cert IV TAE online or distance learning option is self paced with a maximum duration of 6 or 12 months. We provide you with a guide to when each section of the course should be finished to be on track to complete in time, but ultimately it’s your choice when and how to study.

You can study intensively and get everything done in the first few months; set aside time each week and make regular progress towards your goals; or rush all the assignments a month before your course end date deadline. We recommend taking the first option or second options! They’re much more reliable than leaving everything to the last minute. You’ll give yourself time to complete resubmissions if required and if something comes up in your personal life and you need a few weeks off study, then you’ll have time up your sleeve.

The Face to Face and Blended delivery options both include time in the classroom working with an experienced trainer. Blended incorporates a 1×5 day workshop, while face to face has 2×5 day workshops. You then complete any remaining assessments through online training within 6 months. Our students normally find the workshops give them a huge head start on the course, allowing them to knock over some of the major assessments during the workshops and really get to grips with the core course concepts. On average, graduates of our Face to Face course typically gain their qualification several months sooner than online students.

Face to Face and Blended workshops are currently available in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, and Adelaide.

Got any more questions? Head on over to the Cert IV TAE course page and sign up for an information pack today. You may also visit our TAE40116 blog to learn more about the latest TAE qualification.

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