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Health Administration Jobs — The Top Reasons Why You Must Pursue One

A career in health administration can be a fulfilling way to combine administrative and management skills with improving patient outcomes.

Healthcare experience, plus holding the Certificate IV in Health Administration, could make you the perfect fit for heaps of positions available in health administration.

This flexible qualification can give you access to a range of opportunities, job security in an ever-growing field, and the chance to make a difference to individuals and the community. Moreover, you’ll enjoy the respectable salary you need to provide for yourself and your family.

Read on and learn more about the top reasons why you must pursue health administration jobs!

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I. Great Opportunities to Make a Difference

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As health administrators, you might think that doctors and nurses are the only ones doing big things. But the truth is, they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs properly if not for the assistance they get from managers and executives.

It is the health administrator’s responsibility for making sure that the hospital or healthcare facility stays organised, efficient, and on budget.

Every time you go to work, you have this unique opportunity to make a difference and improve other people’s lives.

Undeniably, it is one of the most rewarding parts of the job — the ability to do something positive and meaningful through your work in health administration.


II. Take on an Important Role Within the Community

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People who work in healthcare are often considered valuable community members because they give their time to look after others.

Health administrators are also considered valuable because they have the authority to call the shots, and lead a team of highly-skilled health professionals that are keen to provide medical care and support.

This means, you can directly influence how things go — from life or death situations to everyday health issues, you will have a say in these matters directly or indirectly.


III. Heaps of Career Opportunities Await You

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Hospitals are the main employers of individuals who take on health administration jobs — however, health administration careers are also available with a number of other employers such as:

▪ Clinics

▪ Aged Care Facilities

▪ Rehabilitation Centres

▪ Mental Health Care Facilities

Completing the Certificate IV in Health Administration will equip you with the skills and background knowledge needed to function effectively and efficiently in administering services in health care environments.

You will also be able to explore heaps of health administration jobs to pursue such as:

▪ Executive Assistant

▪ Practice Manager

▪ Health Administration Supervisor

▪ Senior Clinical Coder

▪ Medical Records Section Leader

▪ Health Services Supervisor

▪ Ward Clerk


IV. Health Administration Jobs Provide Excellent Salary

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As health administration jobs fall under healthcare — one of the most high-paying industries in Australia, it is to be expected that pursuing a career in this field will most likely enable you to have an excellent salary.

According to Indeed, the average salary for someone in health administration in Australia is $85,917 per year!

Income levels may differ between individuals, which can be determined by factors such as experience, qualifications, etc. but overall, you can expect a respectable income.


V. Job Security

It is a wide known fact that Australia’s population is indeed aging. Due to recent technological advancements, senior citizens will have access to better healthcare and will be expected to live longer.

This means the demand for healthcare services will be higher than ever — whether you work on the frontend or in the backend of health and medical services.

Also, people will continue to seek medical treatment one way or another, which is why a career in healthcare will always be in demand and can ensure health workers a futureproof career.

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