TESOL Course Graduates: How To Get A Job

Like many Australians, you may currently enrolled in a vocational education and training course.  Or you may be interested in studying a training qualification, like a TESOL Course, or have recently graduated from one. For your convenience I have compiled a set of tips for TESOL Certification graduates on the job hunt.

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Certificate IV in Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages – TESOL Course

Steps to getting a Job in TESOL

Step 1: How to Get an English Teaching Job!

Remember, there are literally thousands of TESOL jobs just waiting for TESOL course grads to apply! Inspire Education offers a great TESOL career search tool >>> https://www.inspireeducation.net.au/search/. Simply enter “TESOL” into the search bar, then choose a town, state or country and see what opportunities are available to you! For example, a search of “TESOL” and “China” resulted in 1818 jobs matching this criteria! While a search of “TESOL” and “Japan” returned 47 jobs. Of course this is only one TESOL search tool, but I encourage you to apply to as many jobs as possible. It’s also a good idea to apply directly to employers to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Step 2: Customising TESOL Applications

Make your CV and cover letter applicable to the job role (as opposed to streamlining both and sending them out to hundreds of jobs). There are going to be many other TESOL students applying for the job you want – so tailor your CV to the application. A great idea is to incorporate skills learned during the TESOL Course into the skills section of your CV (this shows the employer what you can offer!).

For example, through the Cert IV TESOL (TESOL Course 40649SA) you will complete the unit AABBL Identify and Use Basic Grammatical Concepts and Traditional Meta Language. Take the key skills you gained through the completion of this unit and explain how they apply to the TESOL course job application description.

If you are after more resume tips, head to the Inspire Blog for a great article on resume writing tips.

Step 3: Know What You Want From An Employer!

Employment agreements in general vary greatly, particularly so for those in the English teaching profession. Do some research of the country and institutions you are interested in gaining employment with this will give you an idea of the benefits you should expect as part of your employment contract (as well as the average salary for TESOL Course graduates).

Some TESOL employers will offer free return flights to your home country once per year (generally available with contracts 12 months or longer). Additionally, TESOL jobs may offer one months salary as a bonus along with free or subsidized accommodation (if this is not available the employer will generally help to find you accommodation close to work).

TOP TIP: TESOL course graduates may also find the cost of living to be quite low, meaning they can save large portions of their pay and live a high quality of life.

Step 4: You have a TESOL Certification… Don’t Obsess Over Your CV!

While having a well put together cover letter and CV is important, it is more important to remember not to obsess over these things. Once you have completed your CV and it is clear and to the point – leave it alone! As a recent TESOL course graduate you will be in demand so rather than having a perfect CV get online and start looking for TESOL jobs. It’s also important to remember not to work for free. Although this seems like a valuable tool to gain experience it also signals red flags to your potential employer.

Step 5: Weigh The Options

Besides getting a TESOL job overseas, there is also the option to undertake an ‘internship’. An internship is essentially completing the TESOL Course ‘on-the-job’. Many students choose to study overseas and undertake the internship (often there is a higher cost involved) to give them the practical work experience (helpful in gaining a job after graduation).

TESOL Course: Certificate IV in TESOL

The Certificate IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages course consists of five core units that students will study. The qualification offered by inspire is internationally recognized and students are also required to organize and complete six hours of practical delivery with a minimum of four English as a Second Language students. Inspire also offers the option for students to gain recognised prior learning if they can provide evidence of competency for the units offered in the TESOL course.

The Cert IV TESOL course is offered n the most popular method of delivery, which is distance and/r online learning in the form of self paced learning. Students have 12 months to complete the course from the enrollment date, however as the delivery is self-paced, you have the ability to complete the qualification in much less time. Or for those of you with many personal or professional commitments, there is the option to get an extension – meaning the TESOL Course is fully flexible and tailored to YOUR needs!

The below info-graphic contains some great information for graduates, job seekers and those who are generally interested in the job market. The study was conducted online during July 2012 and incorporates over 540 adults who are currently looking for work and more than 510 hiring managers at companies with Fortune 1000 equivalent annual revenue.

How to Get a Job as a TESOL Course Graduate

This image appeared originally on the DeVry Career Board website available at http://careeradvisoryboard.org/.

What are your thoughts on the above employment study? Have you got any tips or tricks you use for job hunting or any tried and tested interview techniques? Maybe some of those relate to TESOL Courses and TESOL Course graduates?

It is surprising to read that only 17% of hiring managers say nearly all or most job seekers have the skills and traits they seek! What do you think? Are hiring managers expecting too much from potential candidates or have you seen some job advertisements that weren’t asking enough? Let me know your thoughts in a comment below!

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