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Future-Proof Your Career: What Skills Do You Need?

Future-proofing your career should not be a farfetched idea to you by now.

With the COVID-19 pandemic shocking the entire world, it affected not only everyone’s health and wellbeing but also the economy of nations as a whole.

Some businesses were able to stay afloat by continuing to operate with employees working from home, which became the new normal for most.

However, businesses that were unable to keep up were forced to cease operations — some for the time being, while others were hit harder and had to close permanently. This has inevitably caused heaps of jobs lost, and rendered people jobless and unemployed amidst the pandemic.

You know now that things can change in an instant. Unexpected events or circumstances can always happen at any given moment.

It doesn’t require a full-scale pandemic to be able to threaten your career.

The times are also changing. Technological advancements do have a great impact at national economies and how businesses adapt to these changes. And man, we’re in the golden age of technological wonders.

Some fields might be more affected than others, but generally, regardless of career choice, advancements will inevitably force changes in careers and their natures.

And the worst case, it might actually force you to ask yourself, “is this career path still viable?” or “Am I still qualified for this?”

So, how do you future-proof your career? What skills do you actually need? Take note of these skills which can aid your employment value and face future challenges in terms of your career!


Possess Good Leadership Skills

future proof your career by showing good leadership skills

Individuals with good leadership skills are always a pleasure to work with. The traits associated with good leaders also make up an awesome individual: hardworking, prompt, organised, fair and kind — all of which just boosts your value as an employee in any company!

Having leadership skills is a valuable asset to have under your belt, and is a vital skill to have if you want to future-proof your career.

Businesses are on the move in creating teams that are prepared for the future, which means there’s no better way to prepare for it than to get a good leader than can man the helm moving forward.


Be Tech-Savvy

future proof your career by being tech-savvy

With the advancement of technology being inevitable, one of the most sure-fire ways to stay relevant in almost any career is to be tech-savvy.

Most companies are now moving towards technology-driven processes ­— all to make things run more smoothly and more efficiently.

Having basic knowledge on how to run and/or troubleshoot software, hardware, and apps that are relevant to your field.

Having basic to mid-average knowledge on how to run tech will be helpful moving forward — probably not just in terms of future-proofing your career, but also keeping up with the times.


Creativity is Key

future-proof your career by being creative

It’s true that technology continues to advance, but we’re still far away from machines really replacing or even replicating human creativity.

This means, being creative can really boost your profile as an employee. Companies value creativity amongst their people, as it is one of the traits that can directly spark change within the business and propel the company to greater heights.

Creativity can transcend to heaps of career paths, which is why if you’re serious about future-proofing your career, creativity is key.


Build a Professional Network

professional network

Building a professional network can be really handy when you find the need of having to switch careers, seeking a mentor in a certain field, or get reliable referrals.

Build professional relationships inside and outside your business and expand your network as much as possible. Having good professional connections is such a powerful tool in future-proofing your career, as your network can give you an outside perspective and knowledge career-wise.

Think of your network as your ears and eyes of what’s trending and relevant. You need this info if you want to stay up to date in industry news.


Develop Resilience

future-proof your career by being resilient

As the future is filled with uncertainty, it is important to develop resilience. Have the ability to weather setbacks, and this will help you deal with whatever comes your way as you progress your career.

Look at past mistakes as a learning experience, and work with a purpose. Having this mindset can help you prepare yourself for whatever the future of your career brings at you.

Part of being resilient is remaining flexible. Being flexible enough to cope with different situations can certainly be beneficial for you. It’s also the perfect skill to have that accompanies resiliency.

If you’re flexible enough to adapt to the challenges that may arise in your career, then you’ll be able to stay relevant, updated, and set up for success!


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