For Prospective and Current Inspire Students: My Portal ‘Run-Down’

This Is a Run-Down of My Portal

As an Inspire student you will access the majority of your work from the student login portal. The portal gives you great access to resources and forums, allowing students to communicate with fellow peers while easing into the learning process.

My Details: The ‘my details tab’ is exactly that… Your details! If your details change at any stage please let us know so we can update them accordingly. The name and address supplied on this page is the name printed on your completion certificate and statement of attainment, while the address noted is where all documents will be sent to.

My Courses: This page outlines your current course and course type, whether it is blended, online or full face-to-face. It outlines you course start and completion dates as well as payments methods and subjects enrolled.

Timetable: This page is specifically designed for workshop students and includes the information for the course dates and location.

My Messages: The ‘my messages’ tab shows messages sent to your trainers and their replies. ‘Messages’ is useful in keeping track of interaction between student and trainer.

My Documents: This area of portal allows you to view course workbooks and administrative forms. You are able to upload and monitor all assessment items through this page.

Forums: All students have access to the forum page. The forums allow you access to questions and answers posted by current and past students and trainers. This is one of the quickest ways to get in touch with your trainer and we encourage all students to make use of the tool as it doubles as a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section.

Finally, under the invoices and payments tab you can find receipts for individual courses and payments. If there are any further questions feel free to post them in this blog and we’ll get back to you ASAP! 🙂

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