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Find a Flexible Career That Suits Your Lifestyle

Your children have started at school. Are you now wondering if it’s time to get back into the workforce and focus on your own professional development, but also want to be at home when your children finish school?

Do you want to be involved in your children’s lives and make a difference in the world you live in? How do you balance your family and work life?

Do you want to do a training course and learn skills to help you complete a qualification?

Have you considered joining the Education Support industry?

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An Education Support Worker helps children and young people learn, breaks down barriers and provides genuine support and guidance to them. This can be in community environments or educational settings like public and private schools.

The Education Support industry caters to a whole range of lifestyles and skills, providing flexibility and job security. Roles vary depending on your lifestyle and the needs of schools and other educational environments. Enjoy a job that’s full time, part-time or casual with competitive pay rates.

Our teachers are overworked and would welcome the support, so a role in Education Support is rewarding, with qualified workers highly sought after. Imagine supporting a teacher in a classroom to ensure each and every student feels encouraged and valued.

Education Support workers are in demand

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In 2020, almost 100,000 education aides were employed across Australia. That number is expected to rise by 2025 – so your job opportunities are safe and secure.

Source: ABS Labour Force Survey, seasonally adjusted data to November 2020 and National Skills Commission Employment Projections to 2025. The number employed includes people who work in this occupation as their main job. People who work in more than one job are counted against the occupation they work the most hours in.

A role as a teacher’s aide or similar provides support in our schools and gives teachers a helping hand. Workers with a qualification, skills, training and experience are in hot pursuit and are desperately needed. Assisting a teacher and contributing to an effective classroom is one of the most rewarding jobs.

You’re the right person

Do you want to go to a job that you love, every day? Are you looking for a flexible career? Do you believe all Australian kids should have the best start in life and you want to be a positive adult role model in their lives?

Do you have what it takes?

Do you want to provide assistance to a teacher and help them manage a classroom? Are you playful, like to have fun and get a buzz from seeing kids learn? Are you passionate about children and young people and want to help them successfully complete their learning and give them valuable life skills? Are you wanting to help the literacy and numeracy development of our next generation? Then you’re the right person!

As a teacher’s aide or support officer, you’ll gain flexible work through a range of education settings, specifically looking after pre-primary and primary school age, relieving the strain on a teacher.

Enrol in an Education Support course today

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To apply for a job in the Education Support industry, most employers need a minimum of a Certificate III in Education Support. Inspire Education offers a nationally recognised qualification via online courses to give you the skills and knowledge to help you reach your learning and training goals:       

We provide support throughout your learning

Our helpful trainers provide unparalleled support as they all have industry skills and experience and are available via phone and our student portal. You can access your course materials and resources through our student online platform 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using online technology, you’ll be able to study around your family life, which will also enhance your learning experience.

A role in the education support sector has huge job growth and prospects. Our courses will enable you to work in a range of educational facilities and provide valuable assistance to teachers.

What you’ll learn

Throughout your course, you’ll learn invaluable broad skills to support student learning, prepare teaching materials and support strategies. You’ll also learn the skills to help educators in preparing teaching materials that will support students to reach their full potential.

Your learning and training resources will ensure you feel confident and ready to be responsible in any classroom. Your course will also help you to understand the best ways to support behaviour, oral language, and literacy and numeracy skills to children and young people and provide support to teachers.

To become a highly sought-after teacher’s aide, you’ll receive specific learning materials, resources and training to ensure you’re ready to join the sector. You’ll develop practical skills to work with culturally diverse students in a classroom environment.

So many more broad skills

You’ll receive valuable knowledge and training on the framework of an education environment, and how to support students with additional needs or disabilities.

You’ll also gain an understanding of the health and welfare of a student, as well as workplace health and safety.

What Education Support jobs can you apply for?

Once you complete your qualification in Education Support, you’ll be able to apply for varying roles in education environments in public and private schools. Some career opportunities are:

  • Teacher’s Aides
  • Educational Assistants
  • Integration Aides
  • Teacher’s Assistants

A career in Education Support isn’t just limited to the classroom. Student assistance isn’t just in a school. Eligible students are found everywhere! You’ll also be qualified to become a:

  • Home Tutor
  • Learning Support Officer
  • Special Needs Assistant
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Workers

Your job opportunities are countless!

Who’s joining the Education Support sector?

At Inspire Education, many of our students enrolling in the Certificate III in Education Support course are mothers who want to return to the workforce but want to be involved with their children’s lives.

Some of our learners have been volunteering at their child’s school and want to take that to the next level and get their course qualification. And some want to make a difference and assist those with special needs.

Enhance your career possibilities

Our students want to expand their career opportunities, gain knowledge and new skills. Our learners want to enhance their knowledge and skillset and gain employment in a sector where they can make a difference to support students, specifically primary school age.

Our courses can provide all this and more!

Where can a career in Education Support take you?

With a Certificate III in Education Support, you’ll provide support to teachers and school staff. You’ll be able to contribute to the learning and development of students, positively impact children’s educational experience and assist in implementing educational programs.

As a teacher’s aide, the teacher will thank you for the valuable role you’ll play in assisting with general classroom tasks.

Are you passionate about children with special needs?

You’ll empower children with a disability, developmental issues or those who have English as their second language, and support their learning to help them to reach their full potential. As a teacher’s aide, you’ll be able to support them one on one. Your assistance in the classroom will make a valuable impact to the teachers and the students.

Education Aides perform non-teaching duties to assist teaching school staff, provide care and supervision for our next generation in preschools, and provide assistance to Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Maori students and their teachers. Job Outlook

The pay and hours

Jobs in Education Support vary between full time, part-time and casual which impacts the salary.

Pay: approximately $1,094 a week ($50-60K annually) based on full-time hours

Job security: strong future growth

Hours: full time (avg 39 hours), part-time and casual – generally during school hours

What are you waiting for? Enrol today

Don’t wait another day. Enrol now and complete one of our online Education Support certificates. Enjoy working towards a rewarding role as a teacher’s aide where every day you can make a difference assisting teachers to help students learn, develop and grow.

Teachers, schools and the education industry will be grateful for your support and contribution.

If you want to know more about the Education Support industry, read about it in A day in the life of an Educator

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