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The Five Human Resources Skills You Must Have as an HR

Human resource professionals play an important role in today’s competitive job market. As they are the ones in charge of all matters related to employment — a vital process for businesses to grow and get closer to their goals as a company.

The role can involve handling the talent acquisition process by screening and interviewing the right people for the job, hiring the right staff, and ensuring both employer and employee are satisfied with contractual agreements and current policies being implemented in the workplace.

If you are keen to work as an HR professional, you will need to have specific human resources skills to carry out the role effectively.

Read on and learn more about the five human resources skills you must have if you want to start a career as an HR professional!


I. Proficiency in Employee Onboarding

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Onboarding involves all the steps and processes required for an employee to settle into their new role in the company.

This can include the completion of paperwork to the initial induction and meeting with other employees and team members.

Successful onboarding means the organisation will be able to meet its goals in terms of employee growth, while the employee will have all the resources required to adjust accordingly and become a productive member of the team.

As an HR professional, it is important to understand this strategic process. It is a human resources skill that greatly aids the employees of the company to get a good start and be on the right track!


II. Interpersonal Skills

interpersonal skills being one of the most important human resources skills

Interpersonal skills are one of the most important human resources skills you need to have, as the role requires you to work and deal with all kinds of people.

You must be able to communicate and relate to others effectively. As an HR professional, it is important to build positive working relationships, maintain a positive vibe and attitude, and be able to handle most, if not all, social situations in the workplace.


III. Conflict Resolution

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Conflicts in the workplace can sometimes happen. It can range from mild disagreements between staff members, to complex legal matters.

Whatever the case, as an HR professional, one of the key human resources skills you must possess is proficiency in dealing with work conflicts (between two colleagues or between an employee and the employer) and coming up with the best resolutions for both parties.

You must be able to listen to both sides patiently and fairly and resolve issues in the most appropriate way.

It is also vital for HR to be aware of laws that are in place to protect both parties in the conflict.


IV. Process the Business’ Payroll

payroll records

Even if the company’s finances are taken care of by the accounts team, Human Resources may be required to oversee the administration and outsourcing of payroll to ensure the security of such sensitive information.

HRs need to be well organised, have a keen eye for detail, and as well as good timekeeping to ensure payments are correct and delivered on time.


V. Teamwork and Collaboration

teamwork in the office inspired by HR skills

Probably being one of the most important Human Resources skills, being able to work well with others and collaborate with team members will aid your work as the company’s HR. Not to mention the help you will be giving to other employees, as someone who knows teamwork can easily influence others.

The job’s nature requires you to be around with other people, which is why this HR skill is a vital one to have under your belt.

Understanding the value of teamwork and collaboration will also help you, as an HR, to resolve internal issues or difficulties better. You may be even capable of offering strategies that will help other employees work better and more efficiently.


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