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The Top Tips You Must Know on Finding a Job You Love

Finding a job you love — or probably what most would call their “dream job”, can be just right around the corner.

The thing is, if you’re only basing your search on sheer passion, you might not end up finding your dream job. It’s one of the biggest mistakes anyone of us could easily make if you’re not careful and strategic about it.

Having pure passion and love for a certain career path is certainly a good start. However, having it solely wouldn’t be enough.

So, here are the top tips you must know on finding the job you love:


I. Understand Your Skills

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It can sometimes be difficult to appreciate your existing skillset. This is often true for people who were on their last job for a very long time and for those who tend to underestimate what they can do.

If you can relate to this, then you have work to do.

Understanding your strong and weak points will help you have a clearer and better understanding of the type of career you want to be pursuing.

If you know you’re someone who’s passionate about children, then go to childcare. If you’re keen on implementing safety practices in the workplace, go to WHS.  Or maybe you’re great at numbers? Accounting and Bookkeeping might be the best career path for you to take.

Understanding your core skills and what you can do can easily define what career path is best for you.


II. Build on Your Foundations

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Once you have a firm grasp of your skills and on what you’re capable of doing at a high level, start building on them.

There are heaps of training and learning opportunities available out there, you just have to grab them.

If you have established that you’re proficient in verbal and written English, and would want to teach English, then take a TESOL course.

Gaining a qualification that suits your skills is one of the best ways to build on your foundations, and possibly a key step in finding a job you love.

This is also a step you need to take for you to improve professionally and gain credibility.

Holding the latest qualifications for your desired career path will make every employer consider you more than those who may have the same skills as you, but lack the qualification under their belt.


III. Understand the Current Job Market

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The Australian job market is constantly in a state of change with everything going on.

This could most likely present issues to future job security but it’s only true if you don’t keep a good eye on job and business news.

Being curious and keeping yourself in the know about current industry news won’t just help you understand business and industry patterns, but it will also keep you a step ahead over heaps of job seekers. You have to remember that you’re not the only one finding a job you love.

Being updated on the current job market and industry news can also help you sound knowledgeable during interviews — a definite plus.

Keeping up with business news is as easy as typing relevant queries and topics on Google, so it’s not a hard thing to do.


IV. Stay Optimistic

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If you feel a bit down after not landing a job you wanted to get into, remain optimistic!

20% of Australian businesses are seeking more staff because of recent labour market changes. With skill shortages around heaps of businesses and industries, having to upskill and getting qualified has never been more important and crucial in terms of landing a job you love.

Online courses offer a flexible route of learning with a wide range of qualifications.

Keep your optimism high and get qualified — and you might just land your dream job with the current situation on staff shortages, and the new qualification and skills you have under your belt.


V. Be Realistic When It Comes to Your Salary

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Everyone would most likely agree when we say that finding a job you love doing is an awesome thing to get going.

However, the reality is, you still have to pay the bills. If your current “dream job” can’t do that for you, then it’s time to wake up.

Compromising your salary just to be in your comfort zone is the wrong way to approach your career, as it can directly affect your life.

If you have passion to do a specific career, and the qualifications to back it up, then go for something that can fulfill both your passions and your financial needs.

But realistically speaking, if you’re good at something or you possess a set of skills but aren’t really your passion per se, then you should still go for it.

The job you love versus the job you need can sometimes be two different cases. But you can also learn the job you need — which wouldn’t be hard if it can easily help you pay the bills.

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