Fast Track Your Career With Social Media

Fast Track Your Career With Social Media

Job Search and Social Media

Like many vocational course graduates, you might be considering turning to social media to find a job. Social media is not only a great way to get your name known by industry professionals, but allows you to tap into the hidden job market (fantastic job opportunities!).

Only 20% of all jobs are advertised, compare this to the fact that around 5% of job seekers get a job through an advertisement and it is evident there is a large amount of jobs filled internally or through connections and networking.

Employment is most training course graduates goal, so get on top of the social world and get your dream career started!

Get the low down on social media.

Get the low down on social media.

Careers and Your Online Image

Remember, it is important to keep your online images appropriate and tasteful.

Around 1/5 of executives have stated that a potential employee’s social media profile has negatively affected their job opportunities.

Before you go into lock down mode, keep in mind that it’s OK to show some personality. Hiring managers agree a profile with absolutely zero trace of character raise questions around the candidate.

JOB SEARCH TIP: Review your online profiles and remove language or photos that may be offensive to others. If you’re not keen on editing your profile, simply changed the visibility settings so only close friends and family have access!


Get In Touch With Your Dream Company

Find the company you want to work for and contact them via Twitter, LinkedIn or even their Facebook page. This gets our name known to them and makes you stand out among all the other applicants. If you are following your favourite companies, you are also more likely to here of job opportunities through social channels than an online job search board.

JOB SEARCH TIP: Resumes should be your last point of contact. Making contact with the organisation online should provide you with an upper hand to future career opportunities.


Social Media – So What’s What?

Before you attack the entire social sphere, it is a good idea to define a purpose and strategic plan of what you hope to achieve. Think about your industry and where people within that industry ‘hang out’ online.

For example, designers and creative professions are likely to be on Pinterest, but human resources professionals probably not. Human Resource professionals do occupy a lot of discussions on LinkedIn, so this is a great social media site that HR students should have a presence on.


CHEAT SHEET to Social Media

Social Resume


Find A Job With Twitter

Twitter is favoured by most professions related to media and business. However, many HR managers are on Twitter so it can be useful career-wise for everyone.

JOB SEARCH TIP: Twitter is 100% transparent. Keep future job opportunities in mind and remember every tweet you send is public.

USEFUL FOR: Particularly, business Administration, Human Resources and Management students.


Find A Job With Google+

Google+ is really just starting to take off. While it has been present in the USA for a while now, Australia has only recently caught on.

JOB SEARCH TIP: Getting your profile going now, while usage is minimal, is a great way to beat the masses. Google+ also allows you to connect with influential people in your industry – great for career development and job opportunities.

USEFUL FOR: OH&S/WHS, Business Administration, Management, TAE and project management students.


Find A Job With LinkedIn

Linked in is favoured by accountants, bookkeepers and professional services alike. It is the best place for business to business marketing and allows you to interact with companies, individuals and HR managers.

JOB SEARCH TIP:  When updating your LinkedIn profile, alter your posting settings so employers cannot see your profile updates.

USEFUL FOR: Everyone!


Find A Job With Pinterest

Pinterest is favoured by creative professions like design, interior design, architecture and graphic designers.

JOB SEARCH TIP: Join or start your own group board – this will display your work to a wider audience than just your followers. Additionally, don’t forget to add descriptions with good key words so people searching can find you!

USEFUL FOR: TESOL and project management students.



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