FAQ: Inspire’s Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)

Like many Australians, you may be considering gaining or updating your skills through tertiary education. Undertaking Vocational Education and Training opens a field of employment opportunities for career seekers.

To help you decide whether a Certificate or Diploma qualification is for you, I have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions with regards to Inspire Education’s Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110).

Cert IV TAE (TAE40110) FAQs

Q: Who would benefit from the TAE Cert IV?

A: The TAE improves your employment prospects dramatically and completion of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment allows you to develop the knowledge and skills to become a skilled trainer, facilitator and assessor in any workplace or within the Vocational Education and Training environment.

You may work within the Australian TAFE sector or within private training organisations, publicly and privately-funded colleges, government departments, corporate entities and private organisations.

Q: Is this qualification nationally recognised?

A: Yes, Inspire offers the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment that is both nationally recognised and nationally accredited.

Q: Can this qualification be built on in the future?

A: Completion of the Cert IV TAE allows students to go onto higher tertiary study such as the Diploma of Training and Assessment. Some students choose to undertake the TAE qualification at the same time as another, for example the Certificate IV in OH&S. This doubles student’s employment prospects widening their knowledge.

Q: Why choose to study with Inspire?

A: It is affordable and the variety of study options, including the online course offer the flexibility to complete your qualification anywhere, including the comfort of your own home.

Q: How long does a Certificate IV in Training take to complete?

A: The course runs for 12 months, but many students complete their qualifications in much less time than this. Alternatively, if you have a busy lifestyle you can choose to extend your course on a month by month basis for a small fee.

Q: Is the training broken into semesters or terms?

A: No. The beauty of this is that online students can start their course almost immediately. Blended students have the flexibility of online and workshop components and face-to-face students will begin their course on the first day of their workshop. Don’t worry though, these are held quite frequently so there is sure to be a date to suit you!

Q: How is the training run?

A: Inspire Education offers courses in online, distance, blended or face-to-face mode. For an in-depth discussion on these check out our corresponding blog pages. Face-to-face and blended students will undertake the workshop part of their component in the city of their choice. Currently, Inspire offers courses in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Parramatta, North Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Q: Do you have a RPL process?

A: Yes! Inspire considers prior learning an important factor in gaining qualifications. The Recognition of Prior learning process allows you to gain credit for your training course from prior completed qualifications.

Q: Any final tips?

A: I suggest looking at the whole course and breaking it down into sections detailing assessment pieces and what is required. If you know the course will take you 12 months to complete, set weekly and monthly targets to ensure you finish on time.

I also suggest submitting units as you complete them. This will give your guidance and indication on whether your answers are what is required. This will keep you motivated as you see completed components ticked off your list. Remember, if you do choose to submit the entire 12 months’ worth you may need to resubmit some units.

If you have any further questions regarding studying with Inspire or the Cert IV TAE post them in this blog and we will get back to you with the answer!

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