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Disability Courses: The Difference Between Certificate III and Certificate IV

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Disability Courses: The Difference Between Certificate III and Certificate IV

The importance of disability workers and their daily contributions to the community can’t be stressed enough. They facilitate the empowerment of disabled people – all while making sure they’re being looked after and receive the best in terms of care and support.

If you have a genuine passion for caring and looking after people with disabilities, then you should strongly consider a career as a disability support worker and contribute to making a difference in people’s lives!

But, first things first. If you really want to work in the disability sector, then you must first secure your certificate in disability as it will ensure that you have the proper skills and knowledge for the job at hand.

There’s the Certificate III in Disability, and then you also have the Certificate IV in Disability. How are they different? Which disability course is best for you to take?

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I. Cert III in Disability vs Cert IV in Disability

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The Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) is the entry requirement for those who want to jumpstart their career as a disability worker.  If you have no prior experience, this is the course best suited for you to develop your knowledge and skills in disability and care.

The Cert III in Disability course will prepare you on how to fulfill the critical functions of disability support workers as caregivers for disabled individuals in your community or in registered disability facilities.

Meanwhile, the Certificate IV in Disability is best suitable for those who are already working as support workers/caregivers for disabled people and is looking to take the next step in their careers.

The Cert IV Disability course will broaden the existing knowledge and skills you already have and prepare you for more senior roles within the disability sector.


II. What Job Roles Can You Pursue After Completing These Disability Courses?

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Here are some of the career pathways available to people who finish the courses:

Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability):

  1. Accommodation Support Worker
  2. Assistant in Nursing
  3. Care Assistant
  4. Care Service Employees
  5. Community Care Worker
  6. Personal Caregiver
  7. Residential Care Worker


Certificate IV in Disability:

  1. Behavioural Support Officer
  2. Development Officer
  3. Project Officer (Life enhancement team)
  4. Disability Officer
  5. Residential Care Officer
  6. Senior Personal Care Assistant
  7. Lifestyle Support Officer


Students who are specialising in Individual Support may also ask their trainers and assessors regarding specialised jobs that they can qualify for after finishing the course.


III. Disability Course Fees

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According to MySkills, the average course fee for the Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) is around $2,880.

For the Certificate IV in Disability, the average course fee is around $4,050. It’s obviously a bit more costly as the course enables more senior roles as career pathways.

If you want to learn more about Inspire Education’s pricing on these Disability courses, click here and enquire now!


IV. Summary

The Difference between the Cert III in Disability vs the Cert IV in Disability mainly rests on the fact that the former is ideal for individuals who have no prior training or experience when it comes to disability support, but would want to start training for an eventual career in the industry.

While the latter is best suited for those who already have prior training and experience in disability care and would want to advance and further their career. Those who finish the Cert IV Disability course will be eligible for senior roles in the industry.

In terms of pricing, the Cert III version of the course is much cheaper compared to its Cert IV counterpart – well, for obvious reasons.


Want to learn more about these Disability courses? Just click here to enquire about the Cert III or Cert IV in Disability course.

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