Community Safety Month 2015: How You Can Get Involved

Community Safety Month 2015: How You Can Get Involved

Community Safety Month 2015 Events

If you’re like most Australians, then you want to get home safely at the end of each day.

After all, no one wants to fall ill or risk getting injured. Unfortunately, these can and do happen when you’re working, studying or even just walking around your neighbourhood.

Accidents happen every day, not only to adults like yourself, but also to children in school, playgrounds and other community areas.

These injuries can devastate families. In fact, they cost Australians a massive $3.4 billion in health care each year. More than 400,000 people are admitted into hospitals annually because of injuries alone according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

The good news is, these safety risks are avoidable and can be minimised if you are aware of them.

Community Safety Month 2015 this October aims to help you do just that.

Keeping your own community safe and healthy begins with awareness and the 2015 edition of Community Safety Month has heaps of fun, educational and sometimes wacky activities where you can participate.

Here are some of our favorite events this October that show how you can live, work and play safe.

Safety Events and Activities in VIC and WA

1. Mandurah Children’s Festival

The City of Mandurah will hold its annual Children’s Festival on 25 October. This year’s celebration will encourage kids of all ages to learn about its theme of “Earth” and its seven elements. Thousands are expected to part in the festival’s free workshops and activities, competitions, main stage attractions and a display of the Community Engagement Project.

Venue: Eastern Foreshore, Mandurah, WA
Date and Time: 25 October 2015, 9:00AM
Who Should Attend: Open to all museum visitors

2. Scienceworks Safety Day

Get to know the people responsible for keeping Victoria safe as emergency services organisations showcase their efforts in this annual event. You can rub shoulders with Victoria’s community protectors and join their live demonstrations throughout the day of groups including Metro Trains, Search and Rescue Dogs Australia, the Volunteer Coast Guard and many more.

Venue: Scienceworks, Spotswood, VIC
Date and Time: 1 October, 10:00am – 03:00pm
Who Should Attend: Open to all museum visitors

3. Niddire Neighbourhood Watch Barbecue

Volunteers from the Niddire Neighbourhood Watch will once again cook up a free barbecue to bring local safety closer to its community members. This annual activity is one of many similar ones across the state that are unique opportunities to be aware of health, safety and security issues in a casual and familiar setting.

Venue: Wallis Mall, Niddrie, VIC
Date and Time: 24 October 2015, 09:00AM-01:00PM
Who Should Attend: Open to all

4. Benalla Safety Day

The Rural City of Benalla will hold a community fair that features a huge range of educational activities and workshops for both children and adults. Representatives from the local Emergency Services will share their knowledge and health and safety tips, while face painting booths and a sausage sizzle bring community members closer together.

Venue: Benalla Drill Hall, Benalla, VIC
Date and Time: 21 October 2015, 10:00am to 02:00pm
Who Should Attend: Open to all

5. The Canning Show

The Community Safety team of the City of Canning is partnering up with the Neighbourhood Watch to cap off national safety month with a safety display in the annual Canning Show. The Canning show is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year with a large sideshow games, rides, stalls and a main stage show that runs for sixteen straight hours.

Venue: Canning Showgrounds, Cannington, WA
Date and Time: 31 October – 1 November 2015, 10:00pm – 02:00pm
Who Should Attend: Open to all


More events are happening this month across the country to spread awareness about minimising risks and how to make your neighbourhood safer .
If you want to check out the complete list of activities in Melbourne, Perth and the rest of Australia for Community Safety Month 2015, check out the Victorian Safe Communities Network and the Injury Control Council of Western Australia.


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