TAE, TAA and BSZ: Changes in Training and Assessment Qualifications

TAE, TAA and BSZ: Changes in Training and Assessment Qualifications

What’s the difference between the BSZ, TAA and TAE?

August 24, 2017 Update! The new TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course is now open for enrolments! Please click here to get complete course information. If you already hold the TAE40110, click here to upgrade to the TAE40116.

Have you ever noticed or wondered why trainers and assessors sometimes hold different qualifications?

All vocational qualifications are updated over time to reflect the current needs of industry. Shortcomings are identified and addressed, new technologies and techniques are included. Since the Cert IV TAE is really the “Foundation” qualification of the training industry, it too is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the latest needs of the industry.

If you’ve been a trainer for a while, you may have had a BSZ40198 as your first training qualification. This evolved to the TAA40104 and was most recently updated to the TAE40110 which is still used today.

Don’t worry if you feel out of the loop. Keeping up with these changes can be challenging. These updates have been designed to raise the quality of training in Australia, but have also had the side effect of confusing new and current professionals alike.

So how are the BSZ, TAA and TAE different from each other?



The latest versions of the “Train the Trainer” qualifications are called the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  The older BSZ40198 Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training (released October 1998) is the oldest version of the course commonly held by trainers.

It featured the units:

  • BSZ401A Plan assessment
  • BSZ402A Conduct assessment
  • BSZ403A Review assessment
  • BSZ404A Train small groups
  • BSZ405A Plan and promote a training program
  • BSZ406A Plan a series of training sessions
  • BSZ407A Deliver training sessions
  • BSZ408A Review training


The first changes were made to expand the expertise of trainers and assessors to more areas of Vocational Education and Training.

The course designers added more units to the TAA40104, including electives so you could customise the qualification to your needs (to an extent), while still ensuring you were assessed for a core set of skills deemed most important for a professional vocational trainer.  This included units like:

  • TAAENV401A Work effectively in vocational education and training
  • TAAENV402A Foster and promote an inclusive learning culture
  • TAAENV403A Ensure a healthy and safe learning environment
  • TAADES401A Use training packages to meet client needs
  • TAADEL301A Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills
  • TAADEL401A Plan and organise group-based delivery
  • TAADEL402A Facilitate group based learning
  • TAADEL403A Facilitate individual learning
  • TAADEL404A Facilitate work-based learning
  • TAAASS401A Plan and organise assessment
  • TAAASS402A Assess competence
  • TAAASS403A Develop assessment tools
  • TAAASS403B Participate in assessment validation


Next came the update to the latest TAE40110 qualification, with the intention of improving course efficiency. It grouped together related topics and redistributed all the Learning Environment units to bring down the total number you have to study.

Units included in this most current qualification are:

  • TAEDES401A – Design and develop learning programs
  • TAEDES402A – Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs
  • TAEDEL401A – Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning
  • TAEDEL402A – Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace
  • TAEASS401B – Plan assessment activities and processes
  • TAEASS402B – Assess competence
  • TAEASS403B – Participate in assessment validation
  • TAEASS301B – Contribute to assessment
  • TAEDEL301A – Provide work skill instruction
  • BSBCMM401A – Make a presentation

Here’s a table which summarizes the changes over the years:

able of differences between the BSZ, TAA and TAE


I am already a trainer and assessor. Do I have to upgrade my qualification?

The TAELLN411 Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills is soon to be needed by trainers and assessorsYes, both the BSZ40198 or the TAA40104 are no longer current to teach nationally accredited courses.  The latest Cert IV TAE, the TAE40110, is needed to continue facilitating, teaching, or assessing nationally recognised Australian vocational training courses.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do everything all over again!

It’s easier to stay up to date with the latest changes, rather than leave it until your qualifications are two or three versions behind. You can reduce, or even eliminate, the amount of study required to update to the latest qualification by enrolling in an upgrade course and providing evidence of your old qualifications and current relevant work experience. Note that your experience must be recent and be related to both delivering and assessing courses.

If you’re unsure how much credit you’ll gain from your previous experience,  there are Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) experts you can talk to. These experts will help you determine what units you need to complete to gain your new TAE certification and remain a qualified trainer. To discuss your options with them, just head on over to the BSZ to TAE or TAA to TAE upgrade page and request an info pack for more details.

Are there any upcoming changes regarding qualifications?

You might have heard of a new core unit called the TAELLN411 Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills. This unit is expected to be added to the TAE40110 Cert IV TAE qualification sometime soon.

This change by the Innovation and Business Skills Australia has actually been pending for quite a long time and was originally scheduled to happen last year on July 2014. Due to some major upheavals in the training sector, it has been delayed (read “TAELLN411: What is actually happening?” to see why) but is still expected to roll out in 2015. When it pushes through, the course will be renamed from TAE40110 to TAE40114 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (update: the latest Cert IV TAE course is now the TAE40116).

Hundreds of trainers have already decided to do the new TAELLN411 unit so they are prepared for the upcoming changes to the TAE40110 qualification. It is expected trainers will have a short period of time to update to the new unit to remain current in the training industry.


The vocational industry in Australia is constantly changing, especially the requirements for delivering accredited training and assessment.

These reforms are designed to ensure trainers have the skills and knowledge of techniques and technologies required in this field, but also means you need to keep up to date with the latest qualifications to remain current as a trainer.

If you are still working with an outdated BSZ or TAA certificate, update your qualification now to ensure you are current and still able to work in the training industry and keep your career moving in the right direction.


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