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The Challenges of Online Learning (And How to Solve Them!)

It’s undeniable that online learning or distance learning is indeed becoming more popular. Even before the pandemic, it is already quite common amongst Australians to opt for self-paced online learning.

Some of the perks include the flexibility of your schedule — which allows you to work while you pursue your studies.

Having that good balance between your personal life and work/study life is basically the biggest benefit you can get from online learning.

But of course, it also presents a few challenges. But if you know how to solve them, then pursuing an online course might be the best thing you can do for your career.

Read on to learn more about the challenges of online learning and how you can solve them to optimise your online studies!


Lack of Self-Motivation

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Online learning enables you to set your own pace and study at your own time. For some, adjusting to this level of freedom can prove to be difficult — especially for first-timers who are accustomed to the more rigid ways of a classroom setup.

While it is generally considered an upside, the fluidity and flexibility of online learning can be overwhelming and may easily lead to certain issues that can hinder the overall online learning experiences such as procrastination and lack of motivation.

Once you lack the motivation to follow your online learning routine, what’s stopping you from delaying certain tasks, or getting distracted by your phone?

After all, being in a distance learning setup means you’re in the comfort of your home, and your lack of motivation and too much comfort can easily spell disaster.

Sometimes, the challenges of online learning are internal, which means there’s definitely a way to fix it.


How to Solve it: Have your own study space

Having your own personal space dedicated to studying is a simple trick that can easily boost self-motivation and avoid distractions for you to study more effectively.

Set up a space that’s preferably peaceful and quiet. It could be a desk in your own bedroom — which is sometimes the best setup since you can’t have any more privacy than studying your bedroom especially if you live with your family.

If you’re living alone, any decent corner of your home is fine, as you have the place to yourself. Just make sure that you’re far away from possible distractions such as your TV, gaming space, etc.

Also, try to personalise your study space. This helps create a relaxed and focused atmosphere that’s suited for study and learning.

Include a list of your personal goals so you’d be constantly reminded of why you’re studying in the first place. It also lessens the risk of you having to feel less motivated.


The Feeling of Isolation

female student feeling isolated on online course

One of the things people look forward to when entering traditional schools is having to personally interact with different types of people. Having classmates and forging friendships during the learning process is probably the most fun way to learn.

This may not the case for distance learning. Having to go through online classes would mostly mean that you’ll be in front of your PC with your instructor and possibly other students.

Your “classroom” is on a virtual space, and your “classmates” are other distance learners. Obviously, it’s impossible to recreate the liveliness of a face-to-face class set inside a classroom — which makes the feeling of isolation possible for some.

No matter how advanced everything gets, sitting in front of a computer all day by yourself can never compare with sitting beside your peers inside a classroom.


How to Solve it: Beat isolation by being connected with your friends

If you and your friends have similar interests, especially in studies, go on and suggest doing an online course together.

This way, even if it’s distance learning, you won’t feel too isolated having to do everything in front of your computer and interacting with total strangers.

The feel of having someone you personally know share the learning experience with you eases the overall feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Everyone benefits from this kind of setup, learning is best done when you’re having fun with your best mates!


Fear of not Being Recognised

student gaining online certification

The challenges of online learning can also come in the form of fear of being properly recognised. This is what’s keeping most people from doing online courses. Students who share this sentiment feel that finishing online courses has less prestige than traditional schools.

This sentiment extends to the thought of employers or institutions recognising an online course.


How to Solve it: Choose the right provider

Do your research and go with the right schools or institutions. There are heaps of excellent RTOs online, and of course, there are some bad ones as well.

Make sure the provider you choose puts a premium on quality education and training, and has the best interest of their students.

Be mindful to also check the institution’s accreditation. If the provider explicitly advertises that it is nationally recognised across Australia, and is consistent in mentioning these across their point of sales, then you know they’re legit.

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