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Why Study the Certificate IV in New Small Business Online? — Everything You Need to Know

If you’re someone who has been wanting to get a small business going, then the Certificate IV in New Small Business Online course may be just the qualification for you.

Starting a small business isn’t as easy as it seems — there are a lot of things to consider, and requires proper skills and knowledge to be able to pull it off successfully.

Fortunately, the Certificate IV in New Small Business online course can provide just that!

Read on and learn everything you need to know about this business qualification.


1. What You Could Expect to Learn from the Certificate IV in New Small Business Online Course?

Having the Cert IV in New Small Business online course under your belt will train you in terms of starting up your own business, managing your own team, and solving day to day issues that may arise within your small business.

You will learn practical skills needed for you to start your business the right way, coordinate work priorities, apply business ideas proficiently, satisfy your customer’s needs, and lead a cohesive, goal-oriented team.

Basically, this course will help you gain the know-how to begin your small business and become your own boss!

Start on the right track and grow your business the right way!


2. What are the Advantages of Taking this Business Course Via Online?

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Taking an online course sure has its perks. The advantages of studying online are:

▪ Self-Paced Learning – Go through the course at a pace you are comfortable with. Study and submit course work at your own time!

▪ Digital Classroom – You will be able to access the online classroom and course materials wherever you are. Choose to study in a setting that you are most comfortable with for a fully efficient setup.

▪ Cost – Studying online is more affordable, as it costs less to deliver compared to full face-to-face setups.


3. How Long Will It Take to Complete the Cert IV in New Small Business?

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You have up to 12 months to finish the Certificate IV in New Small Business Online course.

You can either finish earlier or on time, depending on the pace you take — as the course is delivered in online self-paced learning.

In terms of expected study hours, there is a total of 934 study hours for this course, depending on your existing skills and knowledge.


4. What Job Roles Can You Take On?

In a broader scope, those who finish the Cert IV in New Small Business course are most often employed as:

job roles for cert iv new small business finishers

Image from MySkills Website

Here are the specific job roles you may take on after completing your New Small Business course:

▪ Small Business Manager

▪ Small Business Owner

▪ Frontline Manager


5. How Much Will Your Earn?

According to PayScale, the average salary for a business manager in Australia is at $81,149 (can vary depending on experience)

Not bad, huh?

If you’re keen to become a small business manager and be your own boss, click here and enquire now!

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