Certificate IV in Human Resources Jobs — Your 101 for HR Careers

Certificate IV in Human Resources Jobs — Your 101 for HR Careers

The Human Resources department and its importance in a company cannot be stressed enough. They are the ones in charge of the organisation’s workforce — the company’s lifeblood.

There’s no wonder why the Human Resource industry is at a high regarding demand. Companies know how crucial it is to have a reliable and competent HR team.

Competency and having the proper skill set starts with securing the Certificate IV in Human Resources. It is the first step you need to accomplish to get into the HR industry.

After securing this nationally accredited certification, you are now eligible and qualified to get into the industry and jumpstart your career.

Read on to know more about the possible job roles you can pursue and take advantage of the high demand for the HR team.


What Jobs Can You Take After Your Certificate IV in Human Resources?


1. Human Resources Officer (HRO)

Human Resources OfficerThis role in human resources is a vital part of any organisation. HRO’s are tasked with all responsibilities connected with employee resource management.

As the Human Resource Officer, you will be directly involved in employee recruitment, training and development, the provision of compensation and benefits, the enforcement of disciplinary procedures and conflict resolution. You will ensure that the company  meets its business and organisational objectives.



2. Payroll Officer

Payroll Officer - Human ResourcesAs the company’s payroll officer, you will ensure all payroll transactions are processed efficiently. You will be collecting, calculating, and entering data to maintain and update payroll information.

Payroll officers compile summaries of earnings, taxes, deductions, leave, disability, and non-taxable wages and reporting.




3. Recruitment Officer

Recruitment officer - Human Resources

Recruitment matters? Say no more. The recruitment officer of the company establishes recruiting requirements by studying organisation plans and objectives, meeting with managers to discuss needs, attracting applicants by placing job advertisements and using newsgroups and job sites.

Being a competent recruitment officer gives your company a quality workforce — which will extend and reflect in every aspect of the company.



4. Administration Officer

The Admin offiAdmin Officer - Human Resourcescer will act as the point of contact for all employees. You will be providing administrative support and be in charge of managing questions and general concerns.

The Admin Officer’s primary duties include maintaining office stock, preparing regular reports (e.g. expenses and office budgets) and organising company records.



5. Executive Personal Assistant

Helps exeExecutive personal assistant - Human Resourcescutives run an organisation or company smoothly. They perform mostly administrative and clerical duties such as filing, typing, answering phone calls, dealing with emails, drawing up invoices and other administrative tasks within an office.

In summary, an executive assistant’s primary role is to lighten the workload of the executive/manager.



If you already see yourself taking on any of these job roles, and you believe that a career in the Human Resources would best suit you, then you are all set!

With your Certificate IV in Human Resources, there are heaps of opportunities waiting for you. You need to be in the know, and go out there and immerse yourself with information that may help you jumpstart your career.


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