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Certificate IV Bookkeeping Online Course – What You Need to Know

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Bookkeepers are now in demand all over Australia — so how can you grab this opportunity to get a career in bookkeeping?

The Certificate IV in Bookkeeping is an attractive qualification to employers and it would help boost your career. This qualification is necessary for those who want to move up in their organisation or seek employment as a bookkeeper.

However, if you are employed or busy with other obligations then you probably don’t have the time or energy left to go to a face-to-face class. For this reason, some individuals are discouraged to take the course.

Australians who can’t take face-to-face classes can choose to study online instead. Studying online offers the flexibility and convenience that would enable individuals who are busy with their commitments to pursue a qualification.

Here’s what you should know about the Certificate IV Bookkeeping Online Course:

I. What will you learn in the online Cert IV Bookkeeping Course?

The Certificate IV in Bookkeeping (FNS40215) is the latest nationally recognised qualification for individuals who want to pursue a career in bookkeeping. This qualification replaced the older Cert IV in Bookkeeping (FNS40211).

In the Cert IV in Bookkeeping, you will learn to develop and formalise the necessary skills to be a bookkeeper. Learners in the online training course will acquire the same knowledge, skills, and training as they would in face-to-face. 

  • • Apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial services industry
  • • Develop and implement policies and practices relevant to bookkeeping activities
  • • Carry out Business Activity and Installment Activity Statement tasks
  • • Establish and maintain a payroll system
  • • Contribute to health and safety of self and others
  • • Perform financial calculations
  • • Establish and maintain a Cash Accounting System
  • • Establish and maintain an Accrual Accounting System
  • • Maintain inventory records

II. How will the course prepare you to be a Bookkeeper?

You will develop the required skills to be a bookkeeper through this course so that you can apply for the BAS Agent Registration. Completing this course means that you have met the education requirements for BAS Agent registration.

Your knowledge of the course will be assessed with the use of questionnaires, case studies, research projects, and activities that test your problem solving skills. You will be required to complete assessments under supervision for two units of this course.

III. Why take an online Cert IV Bookkeeping training course over face-to-face study?

The advantages of taking an online course are:

You can study anytime and anywhere – study at the comfort of your own home, in your favourite coffee shop, or at your workplace during breaks. Study in the morning or at night or whenever you are free.

You can work at your own pace – complete the course sooner if you choose to or take more time in studying for the qualification. You can choose to work at a pace that’s suitable for you.

Lower total costs – online education is generally more affordable than face-to-face because you won’t have to pay for transportation, classrooms or workshop venues, and printed materials.

IV. How long does the course take to complete?

You will have up to 12 months to complete the online Certificate IV in Bookkeeping training course. This is a self-paced course so you can choose to finish the course faster than 12 months.

The expected study time for this course is 600 hours. Students who have related study experience may take less time to finish the course.

V. What should you look for in an online Cert IV Bookkeeping Course?

The following will greatly help in your studies:

High-quality learning resources – choose an RTO that offers diverse and engaging learning resources. They should also be free of errors and are easy to learn from.

Quality learner guides and workbooks – these two should have clear, concise, and accurate content so they can be easily read and understood.

Full trainer support – trainers should be available for phone call bookings and 24/7 messaging support. They should be able to help you with enquiries or concerns about your course.

VI. Summary

Bookkeepers are highly in demand all over Australia and you can have the qualification for the role through online study.

These are what you should know about this online training course:

  • • It is designed to teach you the same knowledge and skills as face-to-face classes do
  • • You will be able to carry out the tasks of a bookkeeper.
  • • You will meet the education requirements to apply for BAS Agent Registration after completing the course
  • • It offers flexible study hours, access to an online classroom from anywhere, and lower costs
  • • You can finish the course in 12 months or less
  • • It will have online course resources to help you in studying for your qualification

Feel free to send us a message if you have any enquiries or concerns about the Cert IV in Bookkeeping course.

Click here to enquire now on the Cert IV in Bookkeeping course page and get detailed information about your course.

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