Certificate III in Business Administration Jobs: A Guide for Your Career Path

Certificate III in Business Administration Jobs: A Guide for Your Career Path

Have you ever wondered what’s next for you after completing your Certificate III in Business Administration? Or are you unsure of the possible career paths you can take on with the qualification you currently possess?

Getting qualified in Business Administration opens a lot of opportunities, you just have to be in the know and seize it immediately.

Know more about the possible job roles you can take on with your qualification in Business Administration:


I. Data Entry Operator

As a data entry operator, you will work to ensure data is properly compiled, categorized, calculated and verified before entering or having it recorded in writing. Demonstrate your finger dexterity, attention to detail, and adaptability. These are the skills required for this role. You could work in a range of sectors including the administration, medical, heath, scientific or technical areas.

II. Payroll Officer

Give your colleagues a reason to smile, knowing that you played an integral part in making your colleagues smile every payday. This role makes you responsible for reviewing timesheets, computing wages, calculating financial data, and recording employee information to keep payroll records precise. Everyone needs to get paid, so essentially every business needs a payroll officer. Roles exist in many areas from finance, retail, property, and manufacturing to the legal, corporate, government, health, hospitality, media and leisure sectors.

III. General Clerk

As a general clerk, you will be constantly stimulated and challenged, performing an array of tasks including organizing, processing and storing information, managing schedules and distributing memos and reports. You will be in charge of writing concise business documents, use digital hardware and software confidently and efficiently, sum up figures in spreadsheets with ease, and show off your dexterity with the printer, fax, and phone system. General clerks are also in demand across every work sector in Australia, ideal if you are not picky with the company or industry you get to work in.

IV. Human Resources Clerk

How nice to have the word ‘human’ as part of your job title, right? In this role, you will be able to share your sound HR and spreadsheet software skills to process, record and maintain personnel related documentation. Show ongoing initiative in managing staffing, recruitment, and training records. Again, this role is available in most work sectors across Australia.


Now that you have an initial outline of the job roles you may take with your Certificate III in Business Administration, you now have a broader sense of the work field, and probably can envision where you want to go and start your career.


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