Cert IV WHS Training Cost: A Guide for Course Fees

Cert IV WHS Training Cost: A Guide for Course Fees

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 563,600 Australians had a work-related injury or illness during 2018.

While not all of these accidents resulted in claims, the numbers remain true and reveal the shocking truth about possible dangers and risks in the workplace.

Is your workplace healthy and safe? — If you are currently employed, or if you are running a company, then you should be able to answer this question with a definite yes!

Invest in workplace health and safety, as the safety of your people will do wonders not only for your business but for everyone involved as well.

To aid you on how to start your Work Health and Safety training, here is a guide for WHS Course costs for you to effectively plan and invest for WHS training to become a Workplace Health and Safety Representative.


Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety Course Fees

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The average course fee for WHS training in Australia is at $2570, according to the official Australian Government website myskills. This still varies and depends on how you want your training delivered to you.

Inspire Education offers flexible delivery options for you to acquire your nationally recognised Cert IV in Work Health and Safety:

Self-Paced Online Learning Virtual Workshop
▪ 12 Month Course – for as low as $1290 only ▪ Only $1490 Upfront for all workshops!


*Prices are dependent on the intake and sale periodClick here and enquire now to get the latest pricing and sale schedule.


What to Expect When You Study a WHS Course

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After successful completion of your Work Health and Safety training course, you will develop knowledge and skills in all key areas of Safety including effective health and safety management in the workplace which enables you to participate in an organisation’s OH&S/WHS Management Systems.

You will be trained on how to comply with the latest Work Health & Safety legislation, and to contribute to WHS consultation processes, and use all available resources for WHS compliance.

Additionally, you will learn to identify hazards, assess and control risks, assist in the response to accidents and be aware of the various WHS laws in Australia.

Your WHS training will also teach you how to contribute to workplace health and safety, including aiding in the implementation of OH&S/WHS strategies to control risks and emergency procedures and fulfilling all the gaps for your work health and safety training needs.



work health and safety as one of the top business obligationsfor a company

Work Health and Safety is an investment necessary for any organisation and its workers. It is Which is why having people with the responsibility of overseeing

▪ On average, the Cert IV WHS costs $2913 in Australia depending on your chosen provider, intake period and payment method

▪ Inspire Education offers Work Health and Safety courses via Self-Paced online learning for only $1290 and via virtual workshops — all for $1490 only.

If you have more questions regarding Work Health and Safety Course costs, or the course in general, feel free to let us know!

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